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Inaction is a choice too

Getting people to take action is hard. It’s easier for them to do nothing, to keep their credit card in their pocket and carry on with their day. But inaction has a price too. That price is continuing to wince when opening a jar from joint pain… To continue feeling embarrassed when they can’t follow […]

It’s not a list, it’s a tribe

Words like “prospects” and “email list” are cold. They sound transactional. Which is going to affect how you write. Do this instead… Use words like “brothers and sisters in arms”, “fellowship”, and “tribe” . Then, when you sit down to write… You’ll naturally write from a position of kinship, and wanting to help people…  People […]

Go deeper to get more clicks

To get people to click through their emails, most copywriters go hard on curiosity. Sure, curiosity gets clicks. But conversions? Not as many as you’d hope. Try this instead… Go deeper. Go beyond curiosity, being entertaining or useful. Dig deeper into your reader’s psyche. Say something insightful about why they’re stuck which they’ve never heard […]

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