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If your eyes glaze over when reading a lot of today’s marketing, you’re not alone. Too often websites and brochures drone on with cliches and empty claims, and all the personality of a bank statement.

But customers are living breathing people. Not robots. When copy blandly boasts, instead of appealing to people’s deep rooted fears and desires, it isn’t going to persuade them that buying your product is the smart thing to do.

This is where we come in.

Copywriting built on sales psychology and time proven techniques

Whether it’s software, healthcare or a leaflet about cake decorations for the nice lady down the road, The Copywriter’s Crucible has helped all sorts of businesses to improve their marketing.

Harnessing sales psychology, time proven copywriting techniques and just plain common sense, we swipe aside the hyperbole that can suffocate a strong sales message, and write in a language prospects understand.

The result is marketing people actually read and respond to. Marketing which sells through hammering home the benefits, rather than fancy words alone. Instead of glazed eyes and brochures destined for tomorrow’s recycling, you have excited customers, interested and eager to buy.

Gone are the days of marketing that confuses rather than communicates.

Welcome to The Copywriter’s Crucible.

Inbound Marketing Services for Attracting, Converting and Selling to More Customers

Inbound marketing combines blogging, email, SEO, social media and analytics to turn your website into a hub of information that converts more customers when they arrive. Forward thinking businesses are now using inbound marketing to generate leads for 61% less cost than other methods.

The Copywriter’s Crucible can provide you with both the content and the strategy to drive your inbound marketing campaign. What’s more, we can provide these services for a lot less than a large inbound marketing agency.

Copywriting Services

hypnotherapy sales letter

Direct Response Copywriting

Copywriting is often called ‘salesmanship in print’, and for good reason. We know how to use all the copywriting techniques and tricks developed by legendary copywriters to persuade people why buying your product is the smart thing to do.

meme brochure copywriting

Brochure Copywriting & Design

The Copywriter’s Crucible can provide you with both an engagingly written brochure and professional design to match. We can also advise on the structure and what it should contain to get the best results.

website copywriting for a bank

Website Copywriting

Whether you’re selling software or sparkplugs, we provide website copywriting that speaks to your customers in their language, addresses their objections and presents a logical path all the way to the checkout.

retail press release copywriting

Press Releases and Case Studies Copywriting

Let us take your success stories and weave them into promotional materials that showcase your triumphs. We will also ensure your press releases are newsworthy and ready for reprint, with a subtle sales pitch hidden among the words.

Previous Copywriting Projects


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Cobol Micro Focus – Cobol: No Barriers Micro Focus wanted to promote the global launch of its application development tool, Visual Cobol R3, with a new brochure, website and video. The timeframe? One week. Despite the small time frame…Read more

Meet the Team

6 Reasons to Hire The Copywriter’s Crucible

  • 1. Free consultations and proposals – Provide us with a few details on your project and we’ll respond with a detailed proposal. This will outline how we can improve your existing marketing or the approach we’d take with your new campaign. We often come up with ideas our clients haven’t thought of before. So why not take advantage and get the advice of professional copywriters for free?
  • 2. Cost effective – Based remotely, we don’t have a trendy postcode or offices to pay for. This enables us to offer attractive rates while offering a premium quality copywriting service.
  • 3. Full service copywriting and design agency - Along with copywriting, we can provide you with brochure design, website development, video creation and ongoing support with your online marketing strategy. We can even advise you on SEO and provide you with an action plan for getting traffic through YouTube and social media.
  • 4. Fast delivery – Our team, at The Copywriter’s Crucible, can turnaround copy quickly. Sometimes within 24 hours. But we normally request at least one week so that we have time to go through at least three drafts before we submit copy for your review.
  • 5. Responsive – We work flexible hours, so you always expect a prompt reply to your email or phone call. We have clients all over the world, and are happy to get up early or stay up late to make a Skype call that fits your schedule.
  • 6. Guaranteed quality – At the Copywriter’s Crucible, we offer unlimited redrafts, as we rarely need more than one or two. We also wont ask, or expect, full payment until you’ve signed off the final draft as complete. Removing risk is how we like to do business.

Feedback from Clients

We auditioned five copywriters and and Matt\’s work was easily the best. Just as important is that his turnaround time for projects is quick and he is reliable. Our sales pages now look and read incredibly well and sales have improved because of it. We now outsource all of our copwriting to Matt on a regular basis and we couldn\’t be happier.
Mike Saif,
We contacted Matt for a copy for our new products catalogue and it was a very good decision. He was extremely efficient throughout: he understood very quickly what kind of tone and style we needed, sent us a sample, was responsive and easy to work with throughout the process, and then sent the full copy on time with no changes needed. The final result is exactly what we expected – simple, elegant copy. We’re definitely planning to use his copywriting services again!
Metal Design Furniture Ltd,
Everything about Matt\’s work and his approach to it is commendable. His copy is clear, sprightly and a joy to read – even when covering complex subjects. He is highly disciplined about meeting deadlines and very proactive with ideas and responding to queries. I have no hesitation in recommending Matt for any copywriting work you require, and I am certain you will quickly discover he is an excellent researcher and writer, as well as a conscientious, friendly person with whom to do business.
Anna Sexton,
We were very pleased with the copy Matt supplied for our website. No changes were needed and we’ll definitely be sending him stuff in the future. We’ve also given his name to our web designer who from time to time needs a talented copywriter to work on projects.
Karl Jenkins,

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