A Professional, Proactive Direct Response Copywriter Who’ll Be a Valuable Asset to Your Sales and Growth

If you’ve felt let down by copywriters in the past…

…copywriters who missed deadlines, delivered underwhelming copy, and disappeared the moment the check cleared…

you’re not alone.

Sadly, too many copywriters over promise, under deliver, or sometimes disappear altogether.

However, due to his past history and track record, this is not an experience you’ll have working with Matt Ambrose.

Corporate World Instilled Professionalism

Before becoming a freelance copywriter, Matt spent several years in the corporate world, climbing up the career ladder.

But eventually, Matt’s desire to be in control of his own destiny and to harness his compelling writing style got too much. And he took the plunge into freelance copywriting with both feet.

But still today, 14 years later, Matt retains the same attention to detail, strategic planning and reliability in hitting deadlines that served him well in the corporate world.

These are skills that have also proven invaluable to both Matt and his clients in ensuring projects launch on schedule, and they’ve been strategically planned, from start to finish, to maximize the chances of success.

Matt Ambrose - Natural Health Copywriter
Matt Ambrose – Direct Response Copywriter

Writing B2B Copy for 100+ Companies in Multiple Industries

Over the last 14 years, Matt has helped 100+ companies in multiple verticals and niches to increase their conversions, customer base, and profits with the help of his tight, emotionally engaging copy.

This includes 10 years writing for B2B marketing agencies and global tech brands, including Siemens, Technicolor, and Micro Focus. Clients that demand quick turnarounds, prompt responses to phone calls, and high quality copy that hits the bulls’ eye first time.

Transition into a B2C Direct Response Conversion Focused Copywriter

Five years ago, Matt decided the time had come to test his copy skills against the best copywriters in the world, in the ultra competitive world of direct response.

Matt undertook multiple mentorships with top level copywriters, including A lister Kim Krause Schwalm, and studied all the best courses, including Clayton Makepeace’s Quickstart Copywriting and Stefan Georgi’s RMBC training.

This dedication to perfecting his craft led to Matt’s copy swiftly delivering profitable results for clients:

  • Awarded a $5,000 bonus for a control crushing and 6 figure generating YouTube ad
  • Increased conversions 428% for a probiotic supplement sales letter (read the case study)
  • Won Stefan Georgi’s Alitura clay mask sales letter competition out of 100 entrants
  • Passed an audition to write financial copy for Clayton Makepeace, one of the world’s top A list copywriters
  • Generated $1 million on cold traffic for the PowerChute golf training aid
  • Copychiefed by David Garfinkel for the launch campaign of a new brain health supplement
  • Created the launch campaign for a Beverly Hills anti-aging skin care brand
  • Increased conversions across sales pages for the internet’s #1 soccer coaching website

Partnering with Clients Ongoing to Achieve Higher Profits

From working with some of the top performance marketing agencies in the industry, like A4D, Jump 450, and Straw House Labs, as well as millionaire internet marketers, like Jason Akatiff, Shaun Sheik, and Stefan Georgi, Matt has learned how success comes from incremental improvements.

With this in mind, Matt now prefers to work with a smaller number of select clients on an ongoing basis. Because working with clients ongoing enables Matt to gain a better understanding of their products and marketplace, while clients gain new copy to test on an ongoing basis.

So unlike most copywriters who ride off into the sunset the moment copy is submitted, Matt works with clients ongoing to provide new ads, emails, and leads to test to keep pushing up conversions until profit targets are achieved.

If this is the sort of copywriter you’re looking for…

…a copywriter who brings corporate world professionalism, tight emotionally engaging copy that converts, and a long-term strategic mindset…

get in touch to find out if he has time on his calendar to grow the conversions, customer base, and profits for your company.


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