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Direct Response Natural Health Copywriter for Supplements- Crafting Offers That Convert

Meet Matt Ambrose Direct Response Alternative Health Copywriter

As a direct response natural health copywriter, with over 14 years experience, I’ve written for a long list of top tier supplement companies. 

This includes Onnit, Dr. Sears, Dr. Hotze, Physician’s Preference Vitamins, Healthy Back Institute and Sun Coast Sciences.

I’ve also successfully launched my own supplement brand – Legacy Nutraceuticals.

And I have multiple high converting supplement offers, including for blood sugar, liver health, energy and brain function.

Launching my own supplements has given me first hand experience of what it takes to optimize offers until they convert.

What this means is that I don’t just provide high converting natural health copywriting services, but I can also assist with the strategic planning to make your launch a success.

My successes include a VSL that’s generated $1m+ on cold traffic, YouTube ads that have generated 1m+ views, and launching my own blood sugar offer that converted at 2.4% and generated $14.75 eCPM for affiliates. 

As a natural health copywriter with my own supplement offers, I provide both the copy and powerful marketing to take your business to the next level

I’m available for both short-term natural health copywriting projects, or I can work with you long-term on a retainer basis.

I currently Copy Chief and manage the backend email campaigns for two supplement brands. For whom I manage a team of writers, along with write campaigns and develop strategies to boost revenue.

So if you’re looking for a natural health copywriter who both specializes in high converting health copy and can provide strategic expertise…

Book a 30 min strategy call right now and let’s discuss how I can help explode your conversions and profits together.

Matt Ambrose - Natural Health Copywriter




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A list natural health copywriter Kim Krause Schwalm

“If you’re looking to boost sales skyward with your promotions, look no further than Matt Ambrose. Matt’s ability to write powerful, persuasive health copy has helped him create a string of successful promos for the clients who’ve been fortunate enough to work with him. His years of experience have given him a deep knowledge of and passion for the health market. He’s also developed a mastery of writing copy that sells like hotcakes while staying compliant. But that’s not all. When you hire Matt, you get more than a top-notch health copywriter. You also get someone who understands marketing and the latest tactics that are working online to make your promotions even more effective. I highly recommend you consider Matt for your next copywriting project and, if he’s available, book him as fast as you can!” — Kim Krause Schwalm, A-List Copywriter and Copy Mentor

Work with an Alternative Health Copwriter Who'll Increase SalesFor Your Business

Greater awareness on health issues has led to an explosion in supplement sales.

In fact, some of the biggest selling categories on Amazon are supplements.

But while the popularity of supplements has exploded…

So has the competition.

The good news is that my alternative health copywriting services can give you a competitive advantage.

Because in a sea of sameness…

When the ingredients are largely the same…

The best way to standout is with IDEAS.

This includes:

Unique mechanism of the problem – Presenting a NEW reason why the customer is experiencing a health issue, such as a rogue hormone or the natural production of an unwanted chemical

Unique mechanism of the solution – Discussing how the supplement works in a NEW way. This could include describing how the metabolism works in a more detailed way, or discussing how a newly discovered hormone in the brain controls fat loss.

Compelling “hero’s journey” story – We’ve been hardwired to respond to storytelling in a more emotionally charge way since we sat around campfires living in tribes. Through describing the “hero’s journey”…

…including a moment of crisis with high stakes, a mysterious guru and a breakthrough when all seemed lost…

We can create greater emotional engagement that will translate to higher sales.

What’s more…

After having learned how to launch my own supplement brand, I can assist you with the strategic planning as well.

This includes:

  • How to use the latest AI tools to research your customers, competitors and what will make your supplement standout 
  • How to use software tools like Hotjar to test, refine and optimize your sales pages, landing pages and ecom pages
  • How to find and attract affiliates to promote your supplements to their lists
  • Advice on scaling your offers on YouTube

What also separates me from other alternative health copywriters is that I work with you over the long haul.

Launching a new supplement is a marathon. Not a sprint.

Rarely is launching a new supplement a monster success on day one. From my 16 years of experience, I’ve learned that success comes from testing, refinement and incremental improvements.

So when you hire me, you’re hiring someone who’ll be with you for the long haul. 

Unlike fly-by-night copywriters who disappear as soon as the check has cleared…

In exchange for a small royalty…

I’ll work with you ongoing to test new headlines, new leads, new advertorials, new emails and new upsells to ensure you’re consistently hitting your profit targets.

So working with me is like having a high converting alternative health copywriter “on staff”…

Freeing you to focus on what you do best.

“Matt – great work. We loved your letter and you really just nailed it on so many different levels – from the formatting which was really on point, to the story telling and big ideas. That extra effort is definitely what helped push you to the top in a field of great submissions. It’s a good lesson about going the extra mile, of overdelivering!” – Billion dollar generating copywriter and business owner Stefan Georgi

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with several amazing alternative health copywriters. Some are ‘A’ list copywriters who regulaly pulls in millions of dollars through their copy. I’ve worked with Matthew Ambrose for a couple of projects. Very reliable and his work is always solid.” –

 Shaun Tay, Better Body Co 

Trusted to Write Direct Response Copy that Converts

Happy Clients.


happy clients all over the world
  • Dr. Sears
  • ONNIT Labs
  • Sun Coast Sciences
  • Del Mar Labs
  • Healthy Back Institute
  • Truegenics
  • Jump 450
  • A4D
  • Jumbleberry
  • Strawhouse Labs
  • Siemens
  • Technicolor
  • Sage
  • Deutsche Poste
  • Eferton Group
  • FN Herstal
  • Micro Focus
  • Adestra
  • Action Storage
  • The Malta Experience
  • Eco Designer
  • bda
  • Visual Trends
  • CAP Global
  • Publicis
  • World Class Coaching
  • Metaprocure
  • TAG Worldwide
  • Clickatell
  • AAH Pharmaceuticals
  • Bookatable
  • Trustpilot
  • Pomegranate

Copywriting Courses Completed

  • – Stefan Georgi’s AI Sales Letter training
  • – Cody Bramlett’s Supplement Millionaire program
  • – Chris Haddad’s P.I.G. Method
  • – Kim Krause Schwalm Fast Track to A List Mentorship
  • – Clayton Makepeace Quick Start Copywriting System
  • – Russ Reynolds Supplement Academy Mentorship
  • – Lukas Resheske Mentorship
  • – Harlan Kilstein’s NLP Copywriting course
  • – Agora’s Media Buying Mastery Program
  • – John Carlton’s Simple Writing System
  • – Todd Brown’s E5 CAMP
  • – Kim Krause Schwalm’s 3Rs Mastery Course
  • – David Garfinkel’s Fast, Effective Copy
  • – Andre Chaperon’s Autoresponder Madness
  • – Caleb O’Dowd’s List Building System
  • – Parris Lampropoulos’ health supplements copywriting course
  • – Joel Erway’s Webinar Accelerator Program

Complete ‘Done for You’ Natural Health Copywriting Funnel

When launching a new supplement, you likely going to need all sorts of collateral for the entire funnel. Every element needs to be dialled in to ensure you can maximize the profitability of every click.

 I can provide you with every step of converting a click into a customer, which includes:

1. Facebook and YouTube Ads – Facebook ads are great for testing  ideas and growing a community around the health issue you’re solving. Then when we’re ready to launch, we already have a list of people to sell to. 

2. Advertorials – Advertorials can also be used to test ideas, managing compliance, and to soft sell the sales page that comes next. High performing advertorials typically combine storytelling with a scientific breakthrough to draw people into your sales message without it feeling like overt advertising.

3. Sales letters/VSLS – High converting sales letters and VSLs take people on an emotional yet intellectually interesting journey that reveals a new cause of their health issue, the overall solution, and then the specific solution – your product. To do this, we combine  storytelling with science to deliver emotional engagement, logical arguments, and a vision of their future selves. All of which are vital components of a compelling and high converting sales pitch.

4. Checkout pages – One of the biggest leaks in a sales funnel is often the checkout page. Your checkout page needs to make their decision to buy as easy as possible. So it should include an FAQ, testimonials, offer summary, and other trust building elements.

5. Follow-up email sequence –  The first sale is typically to break even. The profit is then found in the list of customers your sales create. My 10 email upsell sequences are designed to reduce refund rates while upselling additional products or affiliate products to increase the profitability of every customer.

With one of my mentors, Head Chief of Copy Chief Kevin Rogers

Natural Health Copywriting Services Packages

Monthly Retainer – $3-5k

Hire me on a monthy basis to provide copy, assist with strategy and act as your “on staff” copywriter, but without all the overhead.

Monthly Emails – $5k

Buy a monthly package of curiosity clickers, product launch sequences or straight content emails to boost profits from your list. I can also advise on deliverability and list hygiene best practices.

Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads and Advertorials

Get a constant flow of new Facebook ads, YouTube video scripts and advertorials to keep your frontend offers alive and profitable.


Alternative Health Copywriting Portfolio

Alternative Health Copywriting for Sales Letters

Omega Q Plus Max - Heart Health Lead
Sales letter for a probiotic weight loss supplement
Sales letter for a weight loss spray
Sales letter for a brain health supplement
Sales letter for a probiotic gut health supplement
VSL script for a Peruvian natural hair loss remedy

Alternative Health Copywriting for VSLs

Natural Health Copywriting for Landing Pages

Natural Health Email Copywriter

Content Writing Services for Advertorials


Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been a copywriter since 2006, when I quit the corporate world to live by my wits and wordprocessor.

For the first 10 years of my career, I mainly wrote SEO keyword content, and provided website content, and business writing services to help companies sell their products online. I also wrote for a number of leading UK marketing agencies, writing in-house B2B copy for Siemens, Technicolor, Sage, Sony Ericsson and a long list of other globally recognized tech brands.

But writing SEO content that’s search engine optimized, web content, brochures and articles wasn’t satisfying or fulfilling enough. Creating content for tech companies also wasn’t very challenging, and I didn’t feel like a real copywriter.

So in 2017 I started developing my persuasive copy skills. I also invested heavily in mentoring with A list direct response copywriters like Kim Krause Schwalm, Lukas Reshske and Chris Wright.

I then focused on developing my knowledge of alternative or complementary medicine, the natural health industry and how to specialize in captivating copy for wellness brands.

Since then I’ve provided freelance health copywriting and marketing strategies for a number of top level companies. This includes supplement brands, health businesses and entrepreneurs in the alternative health industry. This includes:

  • Writing a control beating weight loss offer for Dr. Sears
  • Writing a Dr. Gundry style VSL for a sleep supplement for Dr. Hotze 
  • Writing a landing page for Onnit, one of the premier performance supplement brands
  • Writing emails, front end offers and managing the backend for two supplement companies (Sun Coast Sciences and Del Mar Labs)
  • Launching my own supplement which have generated huge commissions for affiliates 

So I’m not just a direct response alternative health copywriter. I’m a holistic health copywriter who understands how to beat controls, plan campaigns and maximize profits for both clients and myself.

You can find links to samples on this page. Or if you’re after something specific, drop me an email and I’ll have a look in the archives. I’ve written for 100s of clients in all manner of niches, and for all types of copy, including video copywriting and for both print or online.

So whether you’re a wellness coach, specialize in homeopathic medicines or a supplement company, and whatever your product or marketing goals, I’ve likely written a similar piece of content that led to an increase in sales.

I know how to make the content you need persuasive and compelling, and make your content highly persuasive.

I offers a free strategy call. So book one now to discuss your project.

While I’m not a qualified health coach or a naturopathic doctor.

But what I do have is advanced knowledge of modern health needs, alternative treatments, holistic health copywriting, and the health industry. And I work ongoing with some of the best health marketing companies in the USA. 

I also take an active interest in natural health and wellness, as my podcast and Kindle library can attest.

Ultimately, when you need to hire a copywriter for supplements, it doesn’t matter what certificates they have framed on their wall, whether they’re a director of marketing or what fancy marketing tools they use. 

What matters is what results alternative health writers provide. And what results that can help you create that will take your business to the next level.

I’ve launched multiple successful supplement offers, for both clients and myself, that prove I can deliver profitable and powerful marketing results for you.

I’ve written for both digital products and supplements. I’ve written content marketing campaigns, direct mail packages and VSLs for practically any type of supplement you can think of, including blood sugar, brain health, weight loss, gut health, liver health, detoxing and sleep.

I’ve also provided content writing services for some of the biggest names in natural health, including for Dr. Sears,  “billion dollar copywriter” Stefan Georgi, Dr. Hotze Truegenics, Sun Coast Sciences, Better Body Co and Onnit labs.

So whatever kind of content or health copy you need, I provide the industry expertise and marketing experience to create it.

Feel free to contact me for a strategy call and to get a quote.

There are few industries evolving as fast as alternative medicine. 

New ingredients are being discovered, extraction technology is constantly improving and the benefits people can expect from supplements continue to improve all the time.

I’m extremely health conscious. And I’d take an active interest in health even if I wasn’t an alternative health copywriter. I listen to podcasts by Dave Asprey and Max Lugavere, while my Kindle is packed with the latest books by Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. David Sinclair and more so I can stay up-to-date on the latest advances in health and longevity.

One of the things I love most about providing alternative health copywriting services is the research stage. I spend at least two thirds of my time on research, before I even start to write the copy.

Along with interviewing a client’s inhouse experts, I conduct deep research using the latest AI tools, like Elicit, SciSpace and Talk to Books. I’ll also read the latest books, podcasts and YouTube videos on a topic to find new insights the target market hasn’t heard before.

As a direct response alternative health and wellness copywriter with over 16 years experience, I know that it’s only through deep research and understanding a topic thoroughly that persuasive, convincing copy can take shape.

I’m well-versed in industry regulations and guidelines. And I ensure that my copy adheres to the latest FTC, FDA, dshea and Facebook guidelines, and will help you stay compliant.

The copy I submit for legal reviews consistently passes with minimal changes. Yet my natural health copy  converts just as well as non-compliant copy. Because making outlandish claims may lead to higher upfront conversions, but it also results in a flood of refunds weeks later.

I ensure every claim is footnoted, and base my claims on human double placebo controlled studies as much as possible. I also use AI tools to fact check everything I write, and to find references for studies.

Understanding who you’re writing to is one of the most important stages for high converting natural health copywriting.

I have a 20 step prompt process for creating buyer personas using tools like ChatGPT and Playground. I also review all customer reviews, customer service records and will interview customers personally to identify their key challenges, deepest desires, and motivations that will get them to buy.

My turnaround time varies depending on the scope and complexity of the project. I typically need a minimum of a week’s notice for emails and short articles, for 1,000 word advertorials I need two weeks, and VSLs and full funnels I need one month.

I’ll also provide a delivery date when I start work on the copy. And I’ve never missed a single deadline in my entire copywriting career, spanning over 16 years.

I always aim to nail copy first time. But as a direct response alternative health copywriter for supplements with over 16 years experience, I know that responding to feedback and actioning updates are part of the process.

I’m happy to provide up to three rounds of amends and edits. And even after final copy is approved, I’m open to providing new headlines and leads to test. I’ve learned from working on lots of profitable campaigns that success comes from iterative improvements, rather than hitting a home run on the first swing.

I take confidentiality very seriously. I’ve signed tons of NDAs over the years, and happy to sign any confidentiality agreement you require. 

The direct response natural health copywriting industry is surprisingly small. And essential to have a reputation for being trustworthy, easy to work with and able to deliver copy that converts.

My rates vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project. 

The process starts with jumping on a strategy call to find out about your challenges, goals and requirements. I’ll then send you a detailed proposal outlining my recommendations, and a time and cost estimate.

If you’d like to work with me ongoing, such as to write daily emails or to manage your backend, we can agree a monthly retainer.

And if you’d like to hire me for a complete funnel project we can also agree a small royalty on top of my normal fee. In exchange, for the royalty, I will continue to update the funnel assets to ensure the entire funnel continues to convert profitably. 

So agreeing to pay me a royalty isn’t a cost, but an investment in your funnel’s continuing success.

You’ll find testimonials from A listers Kim Krause Schwalm and Stefan Georgi on this page, attesting that I provide A level quality copy and results. 

You can also find feedback from the 100s of clients I’ve worked with over the years on my testimonials page.

Along with staying up to date on natural health topics, I’m also constantly taking courses and joining masterminds on how to use persuasive language and storytelling techniques to capture people’s attention and to motivate them to buy.

The key to high converting copy isn’t just the science and logical arguments you use, but also how well your copy resonates with the reader, how well it builds rapport and how powerfully it convinces people that buying is their best path from hell to salvation.

Firstly, I’m a direct response alternative health copywriter. That means I don’t write copy for entertainment, information or branding purposes, but copy that harnesses psychology and persuasion to maximize clicks and conversions.

What also separates me from other alternative health copywriters is that I’ve successfully launched my own supplements brand. My sales letters didn’t feature doctors, any testimonials or even expensive graphic design. But my promos still smashed all the benchmarks in testing and converted profitably for affiliates.

I also currently manage the backends for two supplement companies. And I’ve helped to increase their revenue and backend profits from improving their clickthrough rates and conversions.

So not only do I provide expertise in health and wellness copywriting. But I also bring strategic planning, experience in implementation and how to maximize profitability to the table.

No doubt it, ChatGPT is transforming the copywriting world. And AI tools like ChatGPT risk putting 80% of writers out of work. 

But the content ChatGPT provides is “B” level, at best.

When your focus is on crafting copy that converts cold traffic into hot buyers, you need “A” level copy. And “A” level copy is something only an experienced alternative health copywriter, like myself, can provide.

I do use AI tools but as like a research assistant and for coming up with ideas. So rather than replacing what I do, AI tools help me to conduct deeper research, come up with better ideas and deliver higher converting natural health copywriting for your campaigns.

AI is not yet at a stage where it can write content on it own that will help you attract new customers. Or write high converting copy that’s is factually accurate, science backed and persuasive.

However, with AI technology it is easier to meet your content needs without any effort. And it;s possible to create content for customers that answers all their questions, is in the correct brand voice and will help you rank in the search engines.

And when you need content, social media posts, and blog posts and articles fast, AI can make your life much easier. 

Natural health copywriting is a type of health copywriting that focuses on writing about natural health remedies, treatments, and products. This can include writing about herbs, essential oils, homeopathic remedies, and other holistic health therapies. Natural health copywriters may also write about healthy lifestyle choices, such as diet and exercise.

Natural health copywriters specialize in writing copy to promote health supplements, health courses and other health related products. 

They may also provide health related SEO copywriting, web copy and content related to health treatments and the holistic healthcare industry.

What makes health copywriters specialists is that they have specialist knowledge of the healthcare field.  They have advanced knowledge of how the human body works and a deep understanding of how people’s health challenges impact their experience of life. 

They also know how to make compliant health claims that wont get ad accounts banned or clients their clients into trouble.

Health copywriters then wrap all this specialist knowledge together to create campaigns that attract new custromers, gain their trust and convert to generate higher profits.

To be a health copywriter, you will need excellent writing skills and knowledge of the English language. You should also be able to research health topics thoroughly and have a basic understanding of medical terminology. It is also helpful to have some background in marketing or advertising.

The first step to becoming a natural health copywriter is building a solid foundation in direct response copywriting. The good news is that there are tons of books and courses that can help you develop strong direct response copywriting skills in a matter of months. I also recommend studing a natural health sales letter every day, breaking down how it’s structured and writing at least 1,000 words of copy a day. 

You should also be able to research health topics thoroughly and have a basic understanding of medical terminology. It is also helpful to have some background in marketing or advertising. Once you have these skills, look for health-related writing opportunities with magazines, hospitals, clinics, or other health-related organizations. You can also build up your portfolio by writing health-related articles for various publications.

Once you’ve developed a solid foundation in direct response copywriting and health, the next step is to build a portfolio. You can do this on your own even if you dont have any clients. You can find products to write about, or invent your own.

After you’ve created some samples, subscribe to lots of email lists for clients you’d like to write for. See if you can find ways of improving their emails and promotions. Then record a short video in which you introduce yourself and discuss how you can improve a client’s emails and your ideas for boosting conversions. Send the videos to potential clients on LinkedIn, by email or via Facebook. And eventually, you should secure your first client and can officially call yourself a natural health copywriter.

There are no set qualifications you need to be a natural health copywriter. What matters is having strong copywriting skills, knowledge about making compliant health claims and proof that your copy has delivered results for clients. 

However, taking some courses in nutrition and physiology would help a lot. Both to impress clients and also so you can bring specialist expertise to writing about health topics.

To be a health copywriter, you will need excellent writing skills and knowledge of the English language. You should also be able to research health topics thoroughly and have a basic understanding of medical terminology. It is also helpful to have some background in marketing or advertising.

Natural health copywriting is an inspiring and fast growing field to write in. But it’s also high risk. If a natural health copywriter makes a mistake it can land clients in serious hot water. 

Here are the worst 3 mistakes natural health copywriters need to avoid:

1. Making improvement claims – A supplement can only help to support, maintain or promote normal healthy functioning of the body. You can’t make any claims about IMPROVING how an organ performs. Because if an organ isn’t already performing optimally then this would mean, in the eyes of compliance lawyers, that it’s suffering from disease. 

2. Making disease claims – For the same reasons as 1, you can’t talk about diabetes, dementia or any type of disease in a natural health supplement promotion. In fact, you can’t even talk about ‘pain’, ‘insomnia’ or ‘inflammation’ as these could all be implied to be chronic conditions linked to a sub-optimal functioning of an organ.

3. Not talking about the customer’s experience at a deep enough level – While you can’t talk about symptoms of diseases in direct terms, you can talk about a customer’s experience. You can talk about how a disease impacts their life in an emotionally charged way. So when writing a natural health promotion, the trick is imagining watching the target customer’s daily life on a movie screen. And describing what you see in a way that customers can relate to at a deep level, and will motivate them to find a solution that will end their suffering.

There’s no set rates for how much a natural health copywriter can make or charge for their services. However, a good starting point is looking at the rates published by the American Writers and Artists Association for general copywriting.

A natural health copywriter is able to charge more than average copywriters, however, due to their specialist skillset. This includes advanced knowledge of physiology, compliance rules and how to write emotionally charged copy that converts. 

When calculating their fee, a natural health copywriter needs to take into consideration all the deliverables needed to complete a project, how in depth those deliverables need to be and the what it’s going to take to achieve the client’s profit goals.

On top of their fee, natural health copywriters can also charge a royalty, which is commission based on how many bottles are sold, how many promotions are mailed or a client’s profits.

What’s more, elite level natural health copywriters may also use value based pricing. This is where they calculate their fee based on the predicted profits, and what a fair percentage would be for their services. As the conversion rate of their copywriting will have a bigger impact on profits than any other factor.

You can find typical rates for copywriting on the AWAI website:

AWAI copywriting pricing guide

A freelance natural health copywriter specializes in writing high converting copy for supplements, health courses and other health related products. What makes them specialists is that they have advanced knowledge of physiology, how to make compliant claims and how to write emotionally charged copy that converts.


Freelance natural health copywriters typically work with clients on a per project basis. They can also write for clients ongoing on retainer, which enables them to gain a deeper understanding of the client’s customer and how their products transform people’s lives.

A health and wellness copywriter specializes in helping clients to create and promote courses, health services and other health related products. Health and wellness copywriters possess advanced knowledge of nutrition, physiology and how people can transform their life through key lifestyle changes.


The purpose of health and wellness copywriting is to educate and inform the public about various health topics, as well as promote healthy lifestyles. Health and wellness copywriters may work for hospitals, clinics, health magazines, or other health-related organizations. They may also write health-related articles for various publications.

To be a health and wellness copywriter, you will need excellent writing skills and knowledge of the English language. You should also be able to research health topics thoroughly and have a basic understanding of medical terminology. It is also helpful to have some background in marketing or advertising.

What also makes health and wellness copywriters specialists is that they have a deep understanding of how health issues impact people’s experience of life. And what will motivate them to seek solutions, even after everything else they’ve tried hasn’t worked.

A functional medicine copywriter specialises in writing copy for functional health practitioners who focus on improving people’s health through nutrition and lifestyle changes. More and more people are trying to find ways of improving their health without relying on medications that can have side effects, and also be extremely expensive. For this reason, functional medicine is a rapidly growing field, and the demand for functional medicine copywriters along with it.

Alternative health copywriting is a type of writing that focuses on alternative health topics. The purpose of alternative health copywriting is to educate and inform the public about various health topics, as well as promote healthy lifestyles. Alternative health copywriters may work for hospitals, clinics, health magazines, or other health-related organizations. They may also write health-related articles for various publications.

To be an alternative health copywriter, you will need excellent writing skills and knowledge of the English language. You should also be able to research health topics thoroughly and have a basic understanding of medical terminology. It is also helpful to have some background in marketing or advertising.

The first step to getting into natural health copywriting is having an active interest in health. You should be subscribed to lots of natural health podcasts, be actively reading the latest books on functional medicine and have a passion for helping people to improve their health through nutrition and lifestyle changes.


The next step is developing your natural health copywriting skills. Along with reading books and taking courses on natural health copywriting, a great way to advance your skills is to read a natural health promotion every day and to break down its structure to understand why it’s so effective.

Another way to advanced your natural health copywriting skills is to copy out high converting natural health copy by hand.

Then the third step is creating a portfolio of samples and reaching out to clients in natural health. Rather than send hundreds of cold emails, a better strategy is to research individual clients, dissect some of their copy to identify ways it could be improved and then recording a short video to introduce yourself and share your ideas. This approach is more time consuming. But it has a much better chance of success than sending the same boiler plate cold email to hundreds of clients.

Eventually, once you’ve demonstrated you have copy skills and ideas that can help them, you’ll find a client willing to give you a shot. You’ll then be able to call yourself a fully fledged natural health copywriter. 

Some tips for writing health copy include:

– Choose a catchy headline that will grab the reader’s attention.

– Write in a clear and concise manner.

– Use simple words and sentences.

– Avoid using technical jargon.

– back up your claims with evidence from reputable sources.

– Use positive language to promote healthy lifestyles.

Here are some resources that have helped advance my skills, and I recommend to all aspiring natural health copywriters:

Stefan Georgi’s RMBC Method – Learn “billion dollar” copywriter’s step-by-step process for writing high converting sales letters in as little as 3 days.

80/20 Email Copywriting – Ian Stanley’s popular course on writing high converting emails

John Carlton’s Simple Writing System

Copyhour – A daily email course on studying and writing great copy

Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz (very advanced)

How to Write a Great Advertisement by Victor Schwab

The Halbert Copywriting Method Part III – Bond Halbert 

Copy Accelerator – Stefan Georgi and Justin Goff’s coaching group in which you can get feedback on your copy, weekly calls with Stefan and Justin and potentially get some work from the jobs board.

David Deutsch’s Inner Circle – For just $90 per month you gain access to two coaching calls a month in which he’ll provide feedback on your copy.

Justin Goff’s YouTube channel.

With the help of these resources, you can also become a highly paid and sought after natural health copywriter.

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