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RMBC Method review

Best Recommended Copywriting Courses

There’s no shortage of copywriting courses to choose from these days. And there’s so much information to absorb, it can feel like drinking from a hose when you start out. Here are some of the copywriting courses I’ve taken, which can help you plot out your sales copy, or even launch your own supplement, in an organized sequence of steps.

How to Start a Freelance Copywriting Business from Scratch

In this concise guide, I share all the strategies and tips I wish I’d known when starting my own copywriting business from scratch.

This includes:

  • Where to find clients who’ll pay you a fair rate for your skills (rather than fighting over sweatshop wages in freelance bidding sites)
  • How to RAPIDLY develop copy skills clients will eagerly pay you for (when you haven’t written a marketing press release, email, or article in your life, let alone a high converting sales letter
  • How to create a portfolio of red hot samples that get clients queuing up to hire you (while earning enough money to support yourself in the first critical 6 months)
  • The easy way to create a professional looking website that reflects the quality of your writing (without spending a fortune to a web developer or having to learn how to code)
  • How to turn small projects into long-term clients who continue hiring you for months, or even years (while saving you the time suck of endless prospecting)

Find out more about my copywriting course on becoming a freelance copywriter from scratch

Stefan Georgi’s RMBC Method – Write a Winning Sales Letter in 3 Days

RMBC Method review

Billion dollar copywriter Stefan Georgi’s copywriting course reveals his step-by-step process for writing high converting sales letters that have generated millions for his clients.

Elite level research secrets – Video walkthroughs on how to research the market, structure your copy and write a sales letter in as little as 3 days. Also watch over Stefan’s shoulder as he researches and writes a winning sales letter from scratch.

Crafting Attention-Grabbing Leads That Can’t Be Ignored – After headlines, the most vital element is the lead. In fact, you can breathe life into flagging sales letters with a proof driven new lead. Stefan gives you examples for the CBD market, dog food and a snoring device you can use as inspiration for your own offers.

AOV Money Close – Find out how Stefan adds 20% or more to supplement orders. He provides his 7 steps to convincing people to buy the bigger pack, along with high converting examples on how it’s done.

Find out more about Stefan Georgi’s RMBC Method copywriting course

Cody Bramlett’s Supplement Millionaire Blueprint

There’s a new gold rush among internet marketers, and it’s launching your own supplement brand. The potential profits are huge. But so can be the complexity and risk. I struggled for nearly a year to get my own supplement brand going. And didn’t make much progress until I took Cody Bramlett’s Supplement Millionaire program.

Some of the priceless lessons he shares in videos include:

  • How to start a supplement company with zero upfront costs
  • How to start selling and turn a profit without spending a single cent on your inventory
  • How to save an extra $250,000 before you even launch
  • A strategy for getting traffic to your sales page without spending a cent on Youtube, Facebook or Native ads
  • Expert tips on how to design sales pages and VSLs for maximum conversions
  • Plug and play templates for every step of your supplement sales funnel
  • Where to get high quality supplements for no money down

Find out more about Cody Bramlett’s Supplement MiIlionaire Blueprint

Ian Stanley’s 80/20 Email Copywriting Course

80/20 Email Copy review

How’d you like to earn $1,500 for a single email? Well, in his famous 80/20 email copywriting course, Ian Stanley shares all his tricks of the trade for writing emails that generate muchos opens, clicks and sales… and which you can use to generate bigger conversions for clients and charge more as a result.

Over four weeks Ian will send you a daily email.

This email will share a proven sequence or structure he has used to generate pots of cash. So all you need to do is replicate these types of emails for clients to, hopefully, generate similar results.

Find out more about Ian Stanley’s 80/20 Email Copywriting Course

Rob Wiser’s Passive Income Breakthrough Clickbank Marketing Course

Another way of making money as a copywriter is creating your own info product. This is something IM veteran Rob Wiser knows a TON about. He’s launched an entire stable of info products on the Clickbank marketplace, and made millions in the process.

In his Passive Income Breakthrough course, Rob shares all his techniques and strategies for researching what product’s to create, outsourcing most of the product creation and then finding affiliates to promote it for you.

Find out more about Rob Wiser’s Passive Income Breakthrough course

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