Rob Wiser’s Passive Income Breakthrough Review – Can it Really Earn You Millions Creating and Selling Info Products?

Feel overworked and underpaid? Copywriters have the perfect skillset for developing a profitable side business that can replace clients altogether

Fed up of writing for clients for a set fee?

Would you rather be banking passive income from creating and selling your own products?

I know I would.

And I’ve tried to do it a bunch of times.

Sure, I’ve managed to sell a few eBooks over the years.

But I’ve yet to strike it rich with an info product that sells in the hundreds every single day.

In theory, creating and selling info products should be easy:

1. Find out what people are buying already

You can do this by compiling a list of the top selling books on Amazon, courses on Udemy, and videos on YouTube. Then look on Google Trends to see what’s the next big thing.

2. Turn your info product into a system for transformation

People aren’t going to pay $40+ for a downloadable set of PDFs, video clips and audio files. But they will pay top dollar for a system that can bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be in the future.

3. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Build a better mousetrap

Study the funnels of high converting products. Take screenshots of every step, study their sales letters and videos, buy their products, and study their email upsell sequences. Then re-engineer to make a better version.

4. Invent a magic mechanism

To stand out, your system needs a magic mechanism.

The magic mechanism is the secret ingredient, method, or other strategy that’s the key to its success.

It should have an interesting name too, like The Genghis Khan Method, Bad Boy Switch, or Blood sugar Destroyer.


Your core product needs to come with bonuses that take it the next level. One of these bonuses must be so compelling it flips a hesitant prospect into an eager buyer.

6. Compelling upsells

Quality upsells congruent with your main offer is the only way to make most funnels profitable.

The best upsells make it quicker or easier for people to gain the result your product promises. This could include an audio book version of the main product, monthly membership, or one-to-one training.

The pricing should also reflect the higher perceived value of your upsells. So, for example, your main offer could be $47, your first upsell $97, and the second upsell $197.

The ‘Thank You’ page is another opportunity to upsell. And a mere $7 boost to average order value could make the difference between breaking even and burning through your cash reserves on traffic.

7. Build your goldmine

The first sale is only the beginning. It’s the gateway transaction that gets new customers onto your email list and backend.

In fact, just breaking even on the first sale is a success. Because by selling to the same customer over and over again, you can turn a $47 sale into hundreds over a customer’s lifetime.

Startup costs are low – But so are the chances of success

If creating a monster selling info product was as simple as following those 7 steps, this post would have a photo of me propped against a Lambo.

The harsh reality is that for every multi-six figure seller on Clickbank there are hundreds of products that barely make a dime. Turning an idea into a product and then getting enough people to buy it is a major undertaking.

The hurdles include:

Finding a quick, cost effective way of creating QUALITY products without having to write and record everything yourself…

Creating a sales page or VSL that has more than an ice cube in hell’s chance of converting…

Building a website and funnel that’s not going to fall apart the moment you turn on the money hose and blast it with traffic…

And most importantly of all…

Convincing affiliates with huge lists to promote your product for you.

On top of all that… people are more jaded of advertising, burned out by garbage info products, and more cash strapped than ever.

So every step of the process has to be dialled in with laser precision if you’re going to have just a shot at joining the Clickbank ‘two comma’ club.

Still reading?

Then that says to me you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and give it a go.

Because on the plus side, the costs of getting started are almost zero if you’re ready to do most of the work.

And the good news is I recently completed a course that shares the same system a Clickbank veteran uses to generate millions from info products.

Rob Wiser’s Passive Income Breakthrough

At Project Persuasion Goes Dark 3.0 I was lucky enough to see a presentation by Clickbank marketer Rob Wiser.

Rob has successfully created multiple top sellers on Clickbank, particularly in the dating niche. So when he shared his strategy for creating six figure launches, I was scribbling down notes faster than lightning strikes the tree.

Rob giving a presentation at Phuket, Thailand, where attendees paid $2k for entry

At the end of his presentation Rob revealed he’d created a course that shows you how to solve all the challenges of creating a top selling Clickbank info product.

It’s called Passive Income Breakthrough.

And the moment I got back to my hotel room, I whipped out my credit card and bought it.

Is the course any good?

Well, I wouldn’t be writing this post unless I thought it was worth the money.

But here’s what copywriter William McCanless says about it:

“If you’ve ever wondered how “those guys” are able to roll out six and seven-figure launches, and stay on top of Clickbank for YEARS…and watch money pour in, with hardly any work…THIS is the course for you.

Rob has been ‘on the inside’ generating millions of dollars for over a decade. Until now, he’s been ‘behind the scenes while his products crush the Internet, with launch after launch after launch…?

I learned more from Passive Income Breakthrough, and about the inner workings of a million-dollar digital product business, than I’ve learned from anywhere else. It was all the information I’d been dying to know, but it was never available all in one place – until now.”

What Passive Income Breakthrough covers

  • The Rapid-Fire Product Creation Formula for identifying products with high demand and then creating quality courses in the fastest possible time.
  • How To Create Supersonic Sales Letters and Videos using proven copywriting techniques and Rob’s own formula for high converting video sales letters.
  • Sales Multiplier Tactics to convert website visitors into buyers, and rapidly build your email list for promoting your product and upselling other products on the backend
  • How To Create An Affiliate Feeding Frenzy by convincing other internet marketers and people with large lists to promote your product (this is THE key to success on Clickbank)
  • Outsourcing Secrets for finding and hiring overseas workers to handle ANY (or all) of the tasks you need to get done
  • Clickbank Insider Guide on hidden tricks and features of 98% of digital product creators do NOT know about. Watch over my shoulder and let me reveal them to you, so you can turbo-charge your sales.

Try Passive Income Breakthrough Risk Free for 60 Days

Like with all Clickbank products, you can try Passive Income Breakthrough risk free for 60 days.

So if you’re not impressed with the content, think it seems too difficult to accomplish, or just don’t get round to implementing it, message Clickbank support to get your money back.

Rob also offers a free webinar on his site where you can learn more about the opportunities in creating and selling info products and how his course can help. So if you’re on the fence, I recommend listening to what Rob has to say. He convinced me when I heard him in person.

If you decide to give Passive Income Breakthrough a try, let me know how you get on.

>>>Check out Rob Wiser’s Passive Income Breakthrough course

P.S. Links in this post are affiliate links. If you’d prefer I didn’t get commission from your purchase, Googling ‘Passive Income Breakthrough’ will get you to Rob’s course

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