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Asked to write an email campaign? Suggest they use print as well…

There’s no question that email marketing is popular these days. As mentioned in my last post, a survey of small businesses found that 46% were already emailing customers, and another 36% planned to start. Email marketing offers many benefits. But

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Why Copywriters Shouldn’t Rush to Go Digital Because 60% Prefer Print

It appears as though the printed word is on its deathbed. The Yellow Pages is now more widely used as a doorstop, whilst many newspapers are wheezing their final breaths. Many expect direct mail to go the same way. So is learning how to write direct mail, brochures and

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Are You Ignoring Your Offline Marketing?

Like many people, when I first started getting into internet marketing (blogging in particular) I got sucked into all the hype on the millions that could be made from digital products and how, after a few months work, you could

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