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10 Questions to Convert Copywriting Prospects into Clients

Responding to email enquiries is a lot like fishing. You dangle a rod (a.k.a your marketing strategy) waiting for a prospect to swim by and take nibble on your hook. Fail to bait it properly, with the right offer, and you wont develop

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Copywriting is Easy

I’m about to share some information that could destroy my business. What I’m about to tell you could cause sales of my new eBook to plummet, shakes of the head from peers and derision throughout the industry. I could even

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Six Ways of Writing Red Hot Openers that Get Readers Eager for More

“A good headline gets your foot in the door of the reader’s mind. An unfortunate lead paragraph can cause you to lose a couple of toes.” – Howard Newton, J.M. Mathes, Inc. Where to start? Knowing how to starta sales

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Furniture Copywriting

Furniture Copywriting for Luxury, Commercial and Industrial Advertising Previous furniture copywriting projects include a hardwood carpentry workshop, a high end metal garden furniture distributor, an eco furniture designer and a Scandinavian manufacturer of ESD workbenches Whether you’re selling luxury vintage
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Three ways of creating a mobile version of your website

Do you own a smartphone? I bet, being the sophisticated reader that you are, you do. You only need to do a quick scan of people on trains, in supermarket queues and around the office to know that smartphones are

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Cliched copywriting on trial

The Copywriter’s Crucible Puts Clichéd Copywriting on Trial

Sooo, the new website is up and running, after a few minor technical hitches. On the home page you’ll see I’ve followed through with the idea/threat of switching to promoting myself as an agency. Along with the elevated sense of

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Why Facebook’s popularity is great news for copywriters, and bad news for article writing sweatshops

When one door closes, another door opens. Long time readers will know that I’m not a fan of the $10 (or less) per keyword article copywriting gigs you find on freelance bidding websites, like Elance and Guru. I pity the

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conversational copywriting

Should B2B Copywriting Be More Conversational?

Arrived here from Google looking for a B2B copywriter? Please visit my B2B copywriting service page to find out how I can help Should you write the way you talk? Many copywriters I follow (Dean Rieck for example) and learn

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copywriting subject lines to get your emails devoured

How to Write Email Subject Lines that Get Your Emails Opened and Devoured

Writing subject lines for email campaigns can be tricky. Their impact can decide whether your emails are ripped open and every word devoured, or dumped nonchalantly in the junk pile. At this time of year there’s even more noise than usual in

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Struggling to write an opener for your sales letter? Try one of these…

Do you ever find yourself staring at a blank screen, with your head in your hands, desperately trying to think up the perfect line to open your sales letter with? The cursor hasn’t moved for the last 10 minutes and

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