An Underused, Full Proof Way to Sell More in Less Time that’s FREE

[photo courtesy of monamigreetings] Even if you compose the most concise copywriting to ever grace a page, the most persuasive words aren’t always written by you. There’s an ingredient you can add to your copy that can help you sell more in less time. It’s an underused tactic. But one that can rapidly satisfy a […]

10 Landing Page Copywriting Tips to Push Readers All the Way to the Checkout

If you’ve arrived here from Google looking for a landing page copywriter, you can read samples of landing pages and sales letters I’ve written here. Or email me ( with details of your project for a free quote Sales pitch over, on with the post… Now, whilst I might stand on my soap box every […]

Content Marketing. Who’s on board?

Whilst the economic outlook might be doom and gloom, the content marketing bandwagon is rolling at full speed. It’s filling up with enthusiastic new supporters at every stop, and gathering pace towards its destination in marketing boardrooms. The ideas I first encountered when researching business blogging have been picked up, dusted off and given a […]

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