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Another blog that’s worth a visit for Copywriter’s Crucible fans

Whether you call it business blogging, content marketing or engagement, giving away free content is a great way of building trust and credibility with info hungry web surfers. Google seems to like it too. It has taken a while for

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Boost Your Sales with Customer Reviews

People might be ignoring overtly salesy marketing, but they still listen to each other. One of the most persuasive voices for selling your products can be your customers themselves. Whether you’re selling eBooks, renting skips or promoting your expertise, reviews

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Tips for Writing in Clear, Plain English

Copywriting’s first aim is to communicate clearly and concisely. You’re not going to persuade people to buy your product if they don’t understand what you’re trying to say. There is, however, an abundance of badly written websites cluttering up the

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How to Cope with Criticism of Your Copywriting

There can be few things as infuriating for a copywriter, or for any creative type for that matter, as having the creation of your sweat and tears criticised by a client. Whilst the temptation is to throw your laptop out

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Want to attract higher paying clients? Offer them some luxuries.

(Image courtesy Betsssssy) Last month a group of US investors announced their plans to blow $200 million on a chain of 50 luxury movie theatres. Whilst this might sound mad to anybody in the business world, people always want to

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