3 Secrets to High Converting Upsells

There are 3 secrets to writing upsells 7 figure business owners know about… That 5 figure business owners don’t. What to know what they are? Here you go… Longer upsells tend to convert better After people have spent 40 mins reading your sales letter… You may think it’s time to give them a break and […]

Tell a Story to Boost Conversions for E-com Pages

Facebook is awash with ads for supplements… And most of them are losing money hand over fist. But the supplement sellers could change that if they made ONE key change… A key change that transforms their supplement from a commodity… Into being part of a movement… And that’s to tell the supplement’s backstory. A story […]

To Write Great Leads Combine the Drama of a Soap Opera with Emotional Loss

“Dr. Lee, how bad is it this time?” “It’s not good, his heart just can’t support his weight.” Near death story leads like this are all the rage in supplements world. And for good reason. “People are bored shitless” (to quote John Carlton)… And opening your sales letter with a dramatic moment can reel in […]

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