Let’s sell supplements together

It’s a step many of us aspire to make in our copywriter’s journey…

To go from ‘words for hire’ to ‘offer owner’.

A step with a whole new set of challenges…

But RICHER rewards too.

Well, it’s a step I’m looking to make myself…

And transition from purely selling supplements for clients to selling them for myself.

I’m going to share my progress and challenges with you…

Both to clarify each stage in my own mind, and in case you want to join me for the ride.

Why have I decided to take this step now?

Because selling supplements justrecently got a heck of a lot easier.

Heard of Rocktomic?

Rocktomic is like selling SUPs in ‘training wheels’ mode.

They handle shipping, insurance, customer service and all the other elements I’ve ZERO interest in doing. And they make selling SUPs as easy as pasting an ‘Add to Cart’ button onto your site.

The downside is you have to pay monthly membership.

So you have to be shifting a fair few bottles to make it worthwhile. I’ve no doubt Ship Offers is way more profitable. So once I’ve got a profitable funnel up and running I’ll do a switcheroo and bring on a partner to handle all the techie stuff.

Another downside of Rocktomic is that it’s catalog is pretty basic.

But I have found a few sups with a long list of ingredients I can create a story around (after all, ProVen is a white label SUP and is selling gazillions).

My plan is to start with a detox supplement targeting the over 60s, (that’s right Biotox Gold, you’re about to get some neeeeew competition), and maybe a blood sugar offer to hedge my bets.

I’ve no schedule worked out. And with work commitments piling up, progress will likely be slow.

But I’ll keep you updated when I’ve got my first sales letter ready to roll.

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