I paid $13,500 to join a Facebook group. Here’s why

If you’d told me a week ago I’d willingly spend $13,500 to join a Facebook group I’d of told you “you’re outta your darn mind!”

But then Copy Accelerator Live happened.

Over two days I got blown away by the camaraderie… quality of the talks… and the overwhelming LOVE CA members had for their tribe.

So what can I tell you.

I got sucked in!

And dropped $13,500 to become a member of Copy Accelerator Lite (which, in actual fact, includes a bit more than just a Facebook group).

But I don’t even see it as an expense.

I see it as an investment.

An investment in upgrading my awareness of the latest direct response tactics…

An investment in upgrading my network…

And an investment in reach higher calibre clients

Because here’s the thing…

Increasingly, it seems, Copy Accelerator is where the big dogs of direct response go hunting for talent.

So fingers crossed, I’ll make back my investment and then some in the months ahead.

In fact, I started making progress in making back my money almost from the moment Copy Accelerator Live ended.

Because I promptly sent a sales letter (disguised as a proposal) to a few of the folks I met in the virtual networking sessions.

And with a 50% response rate…

I’m looking good on making back my $13,500 in no time at all.

Moral of the story: Never look at training and networking as an expense…

Always see them as an investment…

And the more training and networking you do…

The higher the cumulative ROI becomes.

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