What Does a Copywriter Do – The Ultimate Guide On How to Get into Copywriting (2022)

What does a copywriter do? What does a copywriter do? It’s a question I get asked a lot when meeting new people, and even at business networking events.  In a nutshell, a copywriter writes persuasive marketing communications for advertising, marketing campaigns and websites where the goal is to sell, rather than just inform or educate.  […]

5 Ways to Stand Out in a Sea of Copywriters

The copywriting universe is expanding at breakneck speed. Facebook groups are filling up daily with aspiring teenage wordsmiths  (I’d LOVE to have known about copywriting at their age)…  While copywriters based in India, Nigeria and other countries are upping their game to earn a chunkier wage packet from the interwebs…  And people who’ve lost their […]

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