5 Ways to Stand Out in a Sea of Copywriters

The copywriting universe is expanding at breakneck speed.

Facebook groups are filling up daily with aspiring teenage wordsmiths  (I’d LOVE to have known about copywriting at their age)… 

While copywriters based in India, Nigeria and other countries are upping their game to earn a chunkier wage packet from the interwebs… 

And people who’ve lost their jobs in the viral tornado are now retooling to reboot their careers as home based copy scribes.  

The good news is there are millions of businesses in need of our services.

The bad news is there’s now a vast ocean of copywriters all vying for their custom.

So how can you stand out?

The key to success is developing a ‘magnetic brand’.

A brand that draws clients to you… so you can spend more time making moolah and less time penning cold emails.

How can you build a ‘magnetic brand’?

Here are five idea:

1. Niche down early 

Specialists get to charge more than generalists. That’s a simple fact.

So plan how you can be the go-to expert for a specific niche.

Choose a topic you’re passionate about and there’s a hungry market for (hint – if there’s a magazine about it, there’s a market). 

Then start building your knowledge, skillset and brand as the expert in that niche.

2. Specialize in a TYPE of copy 

You can take niching down a step further by specializing in a type of copy. 

You could be the expert in onboarding email sequences for pet CBD… 

The master at writing sales pages for survival knives…. 

Or become the person with the biggest swipe file of supplement check out pages (checkout pages are one of the best ways to boost response yet are criminally ignored).

3. Post daily 

The world is filled with dirt poor geniuses who don’t know (or refuse to) market themselves. 

Don’t be like them. 

Log an hour of self promotion into your daily schedule. 

This could include answering questions in Facebook groups… giving people feedback on their sales page… and posting daily with insights and tips. 

Don’t know what to write?

Breakdown a marketing process into a series of steps, and then write bite size posts on each step.

Want to go a step further than 99% of your introverted brethren (including yours truly)?

Record your posts as videos on your phone. 

You can start up a YouTube channel, as well as grow your following on LinkedIn and Facebook.

4. Offer a bold guarantee

Sadly, there are too many copywriters who take self promotion to the extreme. 

They offer clients the moon and the stars before they’ve even witten a single profitable promo. 

The result is there are a ton of jaded clients out there, who’ve been burned so many times they’re reluctant to try out up-and-comers.

One workaround is to offer a bold guarantee.

Say that you’re a copywriter ‘who stands by their work’. 

In other words, you’ll provide unlimited redrafts for 1-3 months until the client hits their conversion goals. 

Just make sure you only offer this to clients willing to share their stats and properly test your copy.

5. Create a new method for turning clicks into cash

Jeff Walker is known for his Launch Formula while Todd Brown has E5 Camp. 

They’re essentially two renditions of the same theme. So why not create a product launch strategy of your own? 

Even better, promote it with a case study using REAL DATA on how you used it to grow a list and sell a $7 info product. 

Proof of concept will go a long way to drawing in clients.

So there you go.

Five ideas off the bat on how to standout in the rapidly expanding ocean of copywriters.

And five ideas I hope have got the cogs grinding on how you can develop your skills and grow the magnetic power of your brand at the same time. 

If you try implementing any of them, let me know how you get on.

P.S. This post topic was a personal request of a Crucible reader. So if there’s anything you’d like me to cover in future emails, post a comment and let me know.

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