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We’re in the Video Copywriting and Production Business. That’s Right I Said ‘We’

After seeing the broken mess my website became on a mobile screen, I decided it was time for a revamp. Courtesy of, the is now ‘on trend’ in long form sales page format and categorically mobile friendly. I’ve
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how to comply with the cookie consent law

How to Comply with the EU Cookie Law

Last week the EU’s ‘cookie consent‘ law came into force. This means all websites must now inform visitors whether they use cookies and, if so, how they can be switched off. If this is the first you’ve heard of it,

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How to create wireframes of new pages which are more persuasive, believable and user-friendly

This is part 7 of an 8 part series on how to improve the conversion rate of your website using a new testing approach to web design, rather than the old way of guesswork and assumptions. All the testing, market

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Struggling to find work? Here’s how to promote your copywriting services to clients

I think we’re all getting bored of hearing how times are tight and marketing budgets are getting slashed, so I thought I’d offer some tips to on how to pitch copywriting services to clients. Even in brighter times, it’s always

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