Schwarzenegger on Marketing

Recently I’ve been reading the autobiography of the prior Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger. And it truly is a rags to riches story. His work ethic, ambition and promotional nous led to him amassing millions before he was even a movie star. His appointment to Governor of California was no fluke (whatever your opinions on his performance […]

How a Dog Helped De Beers to Sell More Diamonds

Did you know that a dog invented branding? Tis true. It wasn’t devised by an ancient sect of theologians, psychologists and savvy Greek business owners of luxury spas. Branding was invented by a dog. Allow me to explain… If you’ve read Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion (and if not, add it to your list […]

Tablet users spend more and buy more often. But is your website ready to sell to them?

Have you visited your website on a tablet? Or have you assumed/hoped it’s the same as on a desktop, only smaller? Creating a website designed for touchscreens might not be top of the marketing ‘to do’ list at the moment. But at the rate tablets are flying from the shelves, it soon should be. Last […]

Which Marketing Channel is the Most Trusted? Our Survey Says…

Getting people to trust you has always been a cornerstone of effective copywriting. It’s a simple principle: if people believe what you say, they’re more likely to buy. A key factor in building trust, that’s often ignored, is the channel you use. An advertorial, for example, in a well respected broadsheet is likely to have […]

Behavioural Economics – Mind Tricks You Can Use in Your Copywriting

Why do people buy things? Sounds a simple question. In the copywriting world, you’re taught to use a combination of aspiration, emotion and logic to secure a purchase. But there can also be subconscious irrational reasons at play. Over the last decade ‘behavioural economics’ has grown in popularity as a way of identifying the irrational […]

Why You Should Redefine Your Services to Attract More Clients (and Better Pay)

[This week’s post is a familiar theme for regular Crucible readers. But as I seem to have attracted a few new subscribers in the last couple of weeks I thought I’d show them what The Copywriter’s Crucible is all about] With summer behind us it’s time to pack away the sun lounger and get down […]

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