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VSL copywriter Matt Ambrose with direct response legend Drayton Bird

7 Tactics Drayton Bird Told Me that Most Marketers Don’t Know About

It’s unbelievable. But the sad reality is that a lot of marketers don’t study. They create campaigns based on intuition, creativity and hope, instead of studying classic ads from the last fifty years to see how selling in print is

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Targeting the Youth with Direct Mail and Right Writer review

I know my blog’s output has been poor over the last few months. So to try and make amends, I’ve got a double whammy of posts for you: UK’s youth the most engaged with direct mail With all the fuss

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Asked to write an email campaign? Suggest they use print as well…

There’s no question that email marketing is popular these days. As mentioned in my last post, a survey of small businesses found that 46% were already emailing customers, and another 36% planned to start. Email marketing offers many benefits. But

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Fed Up of Churning Out Keyword Articles? Here’s How to Increase Your Copywriting Income…

The freelance copywriting life can sound enticing: choose your own hours, work from wherever you like and do what you enjoy. But the reality can be a lot different when you’re starting out. Many get stuck treading water in the

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Why Copywriters Shouldn’t Rush to Go Digital Because 60% Prefer Print

It appears as though the printed word is on its deathbed. The Yellow Pages is now more widely used as a doorstop, whilst many newspapers are wheezing their final breaths. Many expect direct mail to go the same way. So is learning how to write direct mail, brochures and

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