Asked to write an email campaign? Suggest they use print as well…

There’s no question that email marketing is popular these days. As mentioned in my last post, a survey of small businesses found that 46% were already emailing customers, and another 36% planned to start. Email marketing offers many benefits. But any suggestions it’s going to kill off direct mail are wide of the mark.

Email is low cost, multifunctional and a great tool for relationship building. But it can’t replace the physicality of a print campaign. An email is only a mouse click away from being deleted, whilst direct mail will sit on desks waiting to be read or physically thrown in the bin.

And most people prefer print. An oft quoted Pitney Bowes survey found that 73% of people prefer to receive promotions in the mail, rather than on their PC. This reflects that not everybody spends all day online (as us copywriters are prone to do) and many still prefer to get their information in more traditional ways.

So am I suggesting email campaigns be reigned in and more focus is put on direct mail? No, not at all – I’m suggesting do both.

Print can be the introduction to digital

A survey of Marketing Week’s readers found that 56% (surprised it’s not higher, to be honest) think that direct mail can influence top company executives, but only a fifth are currently combining direct mail with email campaigns. This sounds like an opportunity to me.

As the surveys show, print can be the introduction and email the spark that triggers a visit to your website. And integrated campaigns will be at its most effective NOW before they’ve become the norm.

A simple email asking whether they’ve received your direct mail can make all the difference to getting your printed message picked out on a cluttered desk.

7 thoughts on “Asked to write an email campaign? Suggest they use print as well…

  1. The death of direct mail appears to be a bit premature.

    Thanks for the great insights!

  2. TC/Copywriter Underground

    I tell clients that shotgun approaches to direct mail are disappearing fast, but that targeted lists still work.

    I figure that – as the rest of the world moves to email, and direct mail efforts drop – those that do show up in the mailbox will be perceived as having higher value.

    Plus, less clutter to fight.

    Good post!

  3. I agree 100%. Print ain’t dead yet–and I don’t think it ever will be.

    Folks like something to hold onto. If your print DM interests them, they’ll stash it in a pocket or purse for later perusal. How often do busy, distracted people scroll back through their email? Most try to escape that black hole ASAP.

    Also agree that the most bang-for-your-buck comes from integrating digital and print–in the mix that works best for your customer, product or campaign.

  4. The most effective in direct email campaigns involves an address with a live stamp.

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