How to Standout in the Flood of New Copywriters

The ratio of copywriters per business owners is reaching saturation point.

So in a rising flood of new copywriters, how can you stand out?

Here are two ways…

21. Be a copywriter who specializes in X

Don’t just be a health copywriter.

Be a health copywriter who specializes in weight loss…

Or a health copywriter who specializes in emails for fitness coaches.

The more you niche down the less competition you’ll face.

2. Get good and have the results to prove it

Now, I’m all for quitting a miserable office job and living by your wits and word processor.

It’s exactly what I did when I first started out.

But it also taught me that there’s more to copywriting than stringing a few lucid sentences together…

You’ve also got to have the skills and marketing nous to justify businesses paying for your services.

Here’s what I recommend to new starters before quitting their day job:

  1. Take a bunch of copywriting and marketing courses (start with YouTube and Udemy if you’re on a budget)
  2. Practice writing copy every day 
  3. Get feedback from other copywriters (there are free groups on Facebook you can join)
  4. Spend your own money running Facebook ads to a sales page to prove you can get results

Because sadly…

The explosion of new copywriters is causing “pay and pray” to become a trending phrase among business owners…

And that’s bad news for everybody.

So let’s all raise our standards and copy game before we email bombing clients into oblivion…

And return the job title of “copywriter” the high status it once deserved.

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