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Guest Post – 6 Secrets to Landing High-paying Clients (Without a Portfolio)

Landing high-paying clients is one of the toughest challenges we face as freelancers. You can try scratching out a living on freelance bidding sites. But if you’re serious about growing your income and career, client outreach must be one of your daily tasks. But

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A Copywriting Formula for Earning Riches from Niches

Ever considered adding ‘makeover artist’ to your services? Allow me to explain… Whenever starting a new project, one of the biggest challenges is making a client’s products seem special. Even if it has the same widgets and speed settings as all the

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Earn $300 Per Page Writing ‘Key Message Copy Platforms’

Wouldn’t it be great to get paid for writing proposals? Or are all those unpaid hours putting together marketing plans part of the cost of doing business? Well, B2B copywriter Casey Demchak has been pocketing a tidy $3,000 writing ten

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6 Steps to Writing Winning Copywriting Proposals

How you respond to enquiries can be decisive in winning projects or eating baked beans for dinner. It can also turn a one off project into the start of a long-term relationship. So try to be tactical in how you make your offer. Apply the same rules

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10 Questions to Convert Copywriting Prospects into Clients

Responding to email enquiries is a lot like fishing. You dangle a rod (a.k.a your marketing strategy) waiting for a prospect to swim by and take nibble on your hook. Fail to bait it properly, with the right offer, and you wont develop

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How to Become a Freelance Copywriter with No Experience

If you enjoy writing, learning about interesting topics and would love to be your own boss, becoming a freelance copywriter could be your dream job. You can earn a management level salary, or even higher, working from the comfort of your home
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