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Random Stuff Post #1

Campaign’s are rarely profitable from day one. It’s an ugly truth all the world’s best marketers know about, and have the war stories to prove it. Dan Kennedy is one such marketer. Because even his now revered newsletter wasn’t a

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7 Mindset Hacks for Copywriting Success

“Father of online marketing” Mark Joyner knows a thing or two about stress.  During his time as a CIA agent spying on North Korea, he had to be aware of his surroundings every waking moment on edge.  The ability to
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My Advice to a Copywriter Starting from Zero

A couple of days ago I got a letter from an aspiring copywriter. I sent him an email back with advice on what to do when joining the game from square one. I thought it might be helpful for others

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2 Pro Level Tactics for Busting the Feast/Famine Cycle in 2018

How did the freelancing life treat you this year? Get a steady flow of clients to keep amassing your cash pile, Scrooge McDuck stylee? Or find yourself scrambling for change on freelance bidding sites just to cover the rent? If

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Direct response copywriter Matt Ambrose with John Carlton

Copy Chief Live 2017 Takeaways

  Kevin Rogers – Copy Chief supremo and one of my mentors Living legend Mr John “One Legged Golfer” Carlton When was the last time you unshackled yourself from the desk and met fellow copywriters in the flesh? In my

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Live Event Networking Tips for Copywriters to Make Connections in an Extrovert’s World

  Listen to people and offer advice. Don’t just talk about yourself Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But there will come a day when you’ll have to step away from your keyboard, iron a shirt/blouse and go speak to

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Just Add Hustle Podcast Interview – 4 Career Crashing Mistakes for Copywriters to Avoid

If you’ve ever wanted to hear my dulcet tones, your lucky day has arrived. I sat down with Crucible reader and natural health copywriter Paul Buzan (who has the envied position of being one of Parris Lampropoulos’ copy cubs) to share

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My Morning Routine

Morning routines are a hot topic among ‘growth hackers’ these days. And many of them get competitive over who can set their alarm clock at the most insanely early hour and pack in the most soul enriching stuff before the

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