Just Add Hustle Podcast Interview – 4 Career Crashing Mistakes for Copywriters to Avoid

If you’ve ever wanted to hear my dulcet tones, your lucky day has arrived.

I sat down with Crucible reader and natural health copywriter Paul Buzan (who has the envied position of being one of Parris Lampropoulos’ copy cubs) to share my sage advice on how aspiring copywriters can avoid some of my near career ending blunders, on the madcap journey to where I am now.

This isn’t a podcast where I talk about crushing it. About writing million dollar VSLs (true story), meeting copywriting masters like Mr Drayton Bird or jetting around the world working on a laptop (well, maybe a little bit).

No sirree.

This is a warts and all, no filter confession on what can happen when you launch a copywriting business with no experience, no clients and no portfolio (like I did). And what career crashing speed bumps you can hit on the way.

What you’ll discover:

  • What happened when I got sued by a celebrity TV chef (and learned an expensive lesson on the difference between food poisoning and a shellfish virus).
  • How my misadventure into “black hat” SEO led me running into trouble with a collective of hackers (and how I resolved it without having my website hacked into oblivion).
  • Why you should never guess who your target customer is and how to find out who they really are (following this advice will put you ahead of 90% of copywriters)
  • The books I recommend you read multiple times. Why? Because they offer a better education than many of the $970 Facebook promoted courses out there. Times change. But the underlying principles of high converting copy stay the same.

>>>Listen to my Just Add Hustle Podcast interview on career crashing mistakes for copywriters to avoid

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