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My PowerChute golf training VSL generated $1,000,000

Video Sales Letters Harnessing Unique and Captivating Big Ideas that Light a Firecracker Under Your Viewer’s Chair and Make them Realize They’re Missing a Vital Piece of the Puzzle: Your Product

If you want to grow your business fast, there are few better ways than with a captivating (or better yet shocking) video sales letter (VSL).

Three reasons why:

  1. You control the pitch – Visitors can’t simply scroll down to give your page a quick scan, and to see the price and the bonuses. They have to consume your pitch in the sequence you choose.
  2. Sidestep people’s skepticism – By providing a compelling story, shocking revelation or helping them to solve a problem, you can develop familiarity and trust without the viewer realizing it’s actually a sales pitch.
  3. High converting – VSLs typically out convert text sales pages for the previous two reasons.

However, if writing a VSL was easy, every internet marketer would be banking millions and supping cocktails down in Acapulco by now.

The fact is that creating a VSL that keeps people watching 3 minutes, let alone 30 or an hour, is tough.

Hair tearing, head table banging tough.

Because when people are watching a VSL, typically, they’re chatting on Facebook, browsing their favorite sites and bouncing around the tabs in their browser with the attention span of a goldfish.

So, if you want your VSL to succeed (where so many fail), it MUST  light a firecracker under their chair in the first few seconds. It has to challenge their beliefs, and make them realize they’re missing a vital piece of the puzzle to living a healthier, happier or wealthier life.

How can this gargantuan task be accomplished?

By building your VSL around a BIG IDEA.

Your VSL’s Success Hinges on its Big Idea

A common mistake by many VSL copywriters is to copy other VSLs that did big numbers. If it ain’t broke, why fix it, right?

But in today’s world, where people consume hundreds of attention seeking headlines, articles and emails on a daily basis, markets mature like lightning.

What was clever or interesting a year, or even a mere six months, ago is common knowledge today.

If you wanted to sell a weight loss supplement, for example, you can no longer reel off the ingredients and some vague studies. That’s not going to get people excited. Instead, you have to dig deep into the research to find some unique biological process or hormone to explain how the supplement works.

The reason I know all this is because I’ve been writing VSLs for grizzled direct marketers and agencies for the last few years. I’ve worked out the hard way how to create VSLs build on big ideas that feed off unfulfilled desires in the marketplace to keep people glued to their screens and buying at the end.

Some of my recent successes include:

  • My PowerChute VSL generated $1,000,000.
  • My VSL for the Lean Body Workout clocked in at a ‘stellar’ 7 percent conversion rate.
  • One of my clients even presents my VSL at live seminars as a case study.

No doubt about it.

If you’re looking for a powerful way of growing your business and profits, a probing, pain resolving VSL is the best way of converting cold traffic into red hot buyers.

>>>Why VSLs are the Fastest Way to Build a Six Figure Business (SEO agencies hate me for sharing this advice)

“Matt has worked on a number of projects for A4D, writing VSLs, advertorials and landing pages. This includes a VSL for the PowerChute golf training aid which, after some fine tuning, is on course to be a million dollar selling promotion.” – Jason Akatiff, A4D

3 Reasons Why You Need a High Converting VSL

“I found Matt randomly on Google a couple of years ago when looking for a video sales letter copywriter. We’ve been working with him ever since and he’s become a valuable asset for our agency. All my team needs to do is send him a Skype message or email with the product we want to promote and he does the rest. He always delivers on time and writes great quality copy. In fact, we even hired him to write the copy for our website, so that tells you all you need to know.” – Shaun Sheik, Jump 450! (North America’s #1 Performance Advertising agency)

Why Choose My Video Copywriting Service

Quality sales copy – You gain the reassurance of knowing your video has been written by a professional direct response copywriter who knows what will convert.

Fast turnaround – I work to your time frame and can deliver long 30 minute scripts within 3 weeks.

Higher conversions – My video sales letters utilize sales psychology that subconsciously compel people to buy.

Professional animation and voice over – I work with a professional video design studio to create premium quality videos, rather than something that looks like it was created in a bedroom.

The ‘big idea’ – The main reason so many video sales letters are ineffective is because they repeat what everyone else is saying and don’t have a unique angle that makes them interesting and persuasive. I can find the ‘big idea’ that will differentiate your video and product so it’s more appealing than your competitors’ and will increase conversions as a result

Market research – I know how to identify video sales letters that are generating millions of dollars in your market. I can then ‘reverse engineer’ what’s already proven while adding my own improvements to drive conversions higher still.

Proven track record – I’ve worked on VSLs in fitness, weight loss, golf and natural health. Some of these videos are over 30 minutes in length and, more importantly, are converting.

Video Sales Letter (VSL) Styles + Production Rates

VSL Copywriting Facts

Turnaround Time

These estimates are for a short 2-3 minute video. Turnaround times for longer videos will need to be quoted individually.

Script and storyboard – 2 days
Slideshow and whiteboard – 4 days
Cartoon explainer video – 7 days


The design studio uses images from a clipart database. Non-standard illustrations, such as product illustrations, need to be supplied by you or will incur additional costs.


Up to 2 revisions are supplied free for free. Script changes after the voice over has been recorded will incur additional cost.


VSLs are highly tailored marketing assets. There are many factors to consider, including length, research involved and the price of your product. Typically, the higher the sale price the more persuading you have to do to address ALL their objections before they’ll buy, and the longer and detailed the VSL needs to be.

Feedback from Clients

“We work with Matt regularly on video scripts for our tech clients. As is the nature with creative work, quite often what we’re looking for can change and evolve before we get to the finished product. However, Matt never complains, takes on board any feedback and provides a fast turnaround, even at weekends.” – Karim Majid, Crinel

“We auditioned five copywriters and and Matt’s work was easily the best. Just as important is that his turnaround time for projects is quick and he is reliable. Our sales pages now look and read incredibly well and sales have improved because of it. We now outsource all of our copywriting to Matt on a regular basis and we couldn’t be happier.” – Mike Saif, World Class Coaching (the world’s #1 resource of training materials for soccer coaches)

“Everything about Matt’s work and his approach to it is commendable. His copy is clear, sprightly and a joy to read – even when covering complex subjects. He is highly disciplined about meeting deadlines and very proactive with ideas and responding to queries. I have no hesitation in recommending Matt for any copywriting work you require, and I am certain you will quickly discover he is an excellent researcher and writer, as well as a conscientious, friendly person with whom to do business.” – Anna Sexton, bda

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