How to Defeat Imposter Syndrome and Attract Clients at the Same Time

Boost your confidence to beat imposter syndrome
Does seeing your copy on a website fill you with pride? Or a painful itch that still you’ve got a LOT more sculpting to do?

Imposter syndrome can follow us around like a black shadow.

It lurks.

A creeping sensation that’s just waiting for a project to go south, so it can shriek in our ear “TOLD YOU SO!”

Luckily, imposter syndrome fades with time.

But in the early years it can be crippling.

Because when you feel like a hack, it robs you of the confidence to approach higher level clients and charge the fees you deserve.

So you need a strategy to dial it down so it doesn’t get in your way.

Beating imposter syndrome all comes down to confidence.

Confidence comes from accomplishment.

And accomplishment comes from results.

And the great thing about being a copywriter is you don’t need clients to get results that boost your self worth.

Here’s how to do it…

After you’ve read the classics, done a few courses, and got mountains of copywriting notes to piece together in your head…

Start DOING.

Write a bunch of Facebook ads and advertorials for affilate offers and run traffic to them. 

Having your own money on the line will settle in the ‘gun to the head’ mentality you need for ruthless editing.

And having some skin in the game will also put you in your client’s shoes, and understand how nervous they get testing copy. 

Will you make much money this way?

Probably not.

More likely, you’ll spend a ton.

But eventually one of your ads will get some traction…

…give you some results you can show off to clients…

…and earn you a nice confidence booster in the process.

I still run my own campaigns to this day.

I consider it a better ROI than any course, as it’s only through DOING that I put into action all the copywriting techniques and behavioral psychology I’m trying to shove into my noggin.

Right now, I’m developing a gut health course so I’ve got a solid info product I can run traffic to and get stats on conversions, instead of endlessly pestering clients for data.

But even if I achieve the Holy Grail of getting a cold traffic campaign profitable, I know it’s not going to miraculously cure me of imposter syndrome.

There’s always someone with a bigger boat.

There will always be higher level marketers to compete with, who make me feel inferior.

But on the plus side, imposter syndrome can be a good thing.

It means you’re not accepting of where you are, and you have the drive to raise your game.

And like A list copywriter Parris Lampropoulos once said, if you read your own copy from a few months ago and it makes you feel like throwing your laptop out of the window it means you’re getting better.

So keep getting the reps in.

And confidence from accomplishment will come.

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