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Copywriting for YouTube Ads – How to Get ‘Buyer’ Clicks Fast

YouTube ads may be dirt cheap to run.

But that doesn’t mean making them profitable is easy.

Far from it.

People now have WORSE attention spans than goldfish (Microsoft did a study on it).

And you’re competing for attention with an entire screen of things to click on like an elaborate game of dopamine whack-a-mole.

So when copywriting for YouTube ads, you’ve got to make every second count to get the clickthrough as FAST as possible.

And they need to be BUYER clicks, not random YouTubers you’re lured with spoonfuls of sweet intrigue.

So how can you get buyer clicks FAST?

Put simply, copywriting for YouTube ads has got to open with a BANG… give people a reason to watch… make the product INSTANTLY understandable… and make an offer too enticing to refuse.

But if that sounds a little vague…

…there’s a tried and tested copywriting for YouTube ads structure you can follow.

And it goes a little something like this…

Copywriting for YouTube Ads Template

Call out your customer’s goals If you’re interested in X and you’re looking to do Y. Then listen up. 

Tell them what you’re about to show themIn this video Im going to share a huge secret about Y. And it’s NOT what you think.

Tell them you’re selling something and a CTA to get early clicksIn fact, this secret is one of many in a brand new course called A. Click on the link in the video to find out more. 

How it solves the customer’s unmet need The reason I created the course is so you can do D and E much faster and easier.

Now teach them something and why the existing solution doesn’t workThe reason most people struggle with D and E is because they don’t know about this common problem. Which is why most people struggle with X and never achieve Y.

Now tell them what you promised at the startBut here’s the secret I mentioned at the start. If you use this secret you can unlock Y.

Call to actionSo I’ve created a course that shows you how to do the secret. 

Authority and trustNow, the secret won’t work like magic. It has a drawback. But I guarantee if you follow the steps in my course you will fix X and gain Y.

ScarcityI’m running a 50% discount for a limited time.

Call to actionSo click the link to find out more about the course, read the reviews, and decide if this is the course you need. Go ahead and click the link to find out more.

Still too vague?

Then here’s an example:

YouTube Ad for a Gut Health Course

How’d you like to revitalise your gut health in the next 7 days?

And gain freedom from gas, cramps, and bloating…

while strengthening your immune system…

and feeling more energized to seize the day?

Then listen up.

In this video, I’m going to reveal a secret on how to revitalise your gut in minutes each morning.

And I promise you, it’s not some gimmicky overpriced supplement.

In fact, this secret forms part of a FREE course on gut health I’m running in a Facebook group.

Click the link below this video to find out more and whether you’d like to join.

Now, the reason I created the course is because gut health problems like IBS, SIBO, and irritable bowel disease have rocketed in the last few decades.

And all can be tracked to a deficiency of 3 key nutrients.

Because you see, these 3 nutrients are all vital for your gut to digest food properly, metabolise sugars, and support your immune system. 

But most people struggle to get enough of them in their daily diet.

Many try to fill the gaps with supplements.

But as I reveal in the course, studies have found many supplements don’t survive in the stomach’s gastric juices long enough to work.

So if you could spend a fortune on supplements but never gain enough of the nutrients you need to relieve digestion problems.

But here’s the secret…

…You can top up on all 3 nutrients naturally in a single glass.

And it’s all thanks to a special probiotic smoothie recipe I’ve created. 

A smoothie that contains the most potent natural sources of the 3 nutrients in the world.

And you get the full recipe in my free gut health course, which you can join by clicking the link below.

Now, my smoothie won’t miraculously revitalise your gut overnight.

But I guarantee that if you drink it each morning in combination with the other tips in the course, you should notice a dramatic improvement in your digestion, energy levels, and all round health.

Like I said, the course is FREE to join.

But only for a limited time. 

So if you’d like to find out more about the course, and decide if revitalising your gut is something you need to do, click the link below this video right now.

And discover how my Ultimate Probiotic Smoothie can give you the springboard to the healthy, active life you deserve. 

Copywriting for YouTube Ads Research Tips

So you now have the formula for success.

But we’re putting the cart before the horses.

Before you can write your ad, you first need to understand who your customer is… what stage are they at in their journey… and what will take them from research phase to purchase.

Here are some questions to ask to work it out:

  1. What common problem with the existing solution does your product solve?
  2. What piece of the puzzle are people missing in solving their problem, (also known as the ‘knowledge gap)?
  3. What related stories are trending in Buzzsumo, Twitter, or Facebook you can latch onto?
  4. What stories can you find in Reddit or a Google Discussions search that reveal common pain points and problems with existing solutions?

So, there you go.

A crash course in copywriting for YouTube ads.

If you decide to implement the structure I recommend, let me know how you get on.

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