Make bolder offers to attract higher paying clients

Funny isn’t it, we spend all day writing to sell other people’s stuff, but  struggle to string a few lines together to sell our own.

You want to know what the BIG mental block is?

Not dialing in what your services are worth.

Case in point…

If you consider yourself a conversion copywriter, you should be charging $1,000 for a consultation service without flinching. 

Even better, you should offer it with a BOLD guarantee.

A guarantee like offering to refund every cent if your advice doesn’t boost their profits by $10,000 (hint – there’s lots of gold buried in email list).

You should also have a copywriting services package for $10,000.

And I don’t just mean offering to write two months of emails…

I’m talking about a package that offers a POWERFUL solution for a nagging problem – a compelling ultimate result they’d be eager to pay a premium for.

Todd Brown’s E5 strategy or Jeff Walker’s Launch formula are perfect examples.

And you want to also frame your package as the best in the industry in how it tackles a key marketing challenge in a unique way.

Give it a clever name.

Yet what matters more is that your package offers multiple returns on the fee. 

It’s got to be a revenue generator. Not a cost.

But if after dangling your offer to your market and nobody bites…

It’s because they can’t see the value in it. 

In which case, you’ve got to leave the bright lights of the city for the cabin in the woods. 

In other words, you’ve got to brush up your copy skills… get better results… and dial in your offers.

Then rinse and repeat until you’ve got an offer that generates more money than it costs. 

Word will spread…

And you’ll then get more leads from higher paying clients than you can handle.

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