Another blog that’s worth a visit for Copywriter’s Crucible fans

Whether you call it business blogging, content marketing or engagement, giving away free content is a great way of building trust and credibility with info hungry web surfers. Google seems to like it too.

It has taken a while for awareness to spread (I’ve still got a drawer full of business blogging leaflets from a Milton Keynes exhibition two years ago), but this year I’m finding more people are getting clued up on the benefits of weekly articles for boosting their online profiles.

The latest place to find words written by me is the bda (Buckingham Design Associates) website. My current contributions are:

Print dead in ten years? Only if we run out of tree

Mobile Marketing: Do You Want to be a Temporary Intruder or a Trusted Friend?

Over the next few months I’ll be covering various topics on print, mobile and digital marketing. So if these areas are of interest then hopefully you might consider subscribing for an added weekly dose of marketing news and tips?

Otherwise fear not, because the Crucible is still high on my list of weekly duties for a variety of reasons:

  • Helps with my daily workout of 500 words a day
  • Gives me an outlet to write freely, and get as carried away with my metaphors as I want
  • Enables me to network, question views and get feedback from other writers and marketers (my post on whether Indian writers used a different structure and syntax to Western writers has a particularly active comments section)
  • Helps with my Google ranking (although I’m still stuck in the darkest depths of graveyard listings until I’m forgiven for changing my domain name)

So to all my loyal subscribers who listen to my weekly sermons on the evolving role of the internet copywriter, please be assured that I’ll be posting at The Copywriter’s Crucible for the foreseeable future.

As well as copywriting, marketing and self promotion tips, you’ll gradually be hearing more from me about the direct marketing world. So stay subscribed Crucible fans, because there’s plenty more to come. And hopefully I’ll see some of you over at the bda blog as well.

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