Joe Sugarman’s secret to making cookie cutter products look amazing

Joe Sugarman’s “Adweek Copywriter’s Handbook” is one of my favorite books.

It reveals a simple technique for making even the most cookie cutter products sound amazing.

It’s a technique Joe perfected to sell everything from sunglasses to burglar alarms…

And it can be applied to selling supplements, software and even services.

What is this technique?

What I call “complex copywriting”.

It’s where you talk about a feature, widget or process in more detail than the competition.

This could be describing how a motion detector works…

The technology that goes into creating lenses that block blue light…

Or the process that goes into extracting an ingredient for use in a supplement (a friend of mine told me her CBD was “cold pressed”. I told her she’d struck gold).

So yeah, this “complex copywriting” technique breaks the rule about keeping copy simple.

But when you’re struggling to find a differentiator in a crowded market…

Going complex can be a powerful way to make a product standout and appear the superior option.

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