Ben Settle’s Ten-Minute Workday Program Review – Worth the Investment?

Imagine a life without clients.

No more cold emailing, LinkedIn prospecting, or swallowing your pride for sweatshop wages on Upwork.

Or how about no more worrying paying the bills when invoices slip overdue and clients go AWOL.

Let’s face it, becoming a natural health copywriter, or any type of copywriter, is a dream job. But can have it’s fair share of headaches.

The good news is that ‘clientless copywriting’ doesn’t have to be a fantasy. All you need are the skills and strategy to launch projects of your own.

As the great Gary Halbert noted…

The wealthiest, happiest copywriters are those who sell their own products.

If you’re like me and dream of abandoning client work to create your own campaigns, I’ve got a system to share with you that shows you how to do it, whether you’re writing emails, articles, or you’re a VSL copywriter.

Because when it comes to creating and selling your own products, there are few better to learn from than Ben Settle.

Ben now earns over half a millions dollars every year selling info products. And he says it now takes him less than 10 minutes to do it.

Just imagine it, earning a bigger salary than a full time doctor in less time than it takes to eat your breakfast.

Even better, you can get all the training to replicate his business model in 30 days or less. Because ‘Ben Settle’s Ten-Minute Workday’ program shows you how to make hundreds of thousands from writing emails…

even if you’re a self confessed loner, introvert, and slacker like he is.

What Ben Settle’s Ten-Minute Workday program covers

  • How to find ‘starving markets’ of people already spending money on the sort of products you can sell to them over and over again…
  • Top six places you can find high quality “ready to sell” products that others will fulfil for you at rock-bottom prices.
  • Easy ways to build up the list of names you can email to each day with his exclusive “6X Multiplication Method”…
  • The secret structure to writing highly effective “10-Minute Emails” that’ll have your readers begging to buy your product…
  • How to write Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines that guarantee with near 100% certainty your readers will open your email and read it from top to bottom.
  • Creating a “continuity” product that can (and should) bring in anywhere from $29… to the $97 a month Ben charges for one of his products.
  • How to create Paid Membership Sites where your readers get “private access” to your knowledge and research… and are happy to pay you hundreds of dollars for the privilege…

And much more all revealed over 12 “deep dive” instructional webinars.

Some of the biggest names in direct response marketing have happily flown Ben to their offices and paid him as much as $5,000 for a single day to gain this information.

Yet you can get all of it for a fraction of that amount.

If that wasn’t enough, you also get:

elBenbo’s Private 2018 Swipe File comprising of 457 pages of sales copy for inspiration, along with 9 other bonuses that include collections of the best issues of his popular newsletter, exclusive insider interviews, and additional trainings.

This all sounds amazing. But should you get his course?

First, I need to be straight with you and say it’s unlikely you’re going to make the $607,000 claimed unless can amass a ton of insider knowledge on a topic, and have the creative flair to present like Ben does.


Based on more conservative calculations on a napkin, let’s say you build a list of 100 subscribers willing to pay you $29 per month for a short newsletter containing survival hacks or natural health advice (just two of many profitable niches that are easy to research and write about), that will make you a tidy $34,800 per year.

Not enough for a new lambo.

But enough to help you sleep better knowing your bills and living expenses are covered.

And remember, the beauty of Ben’s business model is there’s almost no upfront costs involved beyond advertising costs (if that’s the traffic route you go down).

Even better, the potential ROI is huge compared to the one time fee for client work (and all the headaches that go with it). Few writing businesses are this scalable — once you get the ball rolling, there’s no limit to how big it can grow or how much money you can make.


You have to be willing to put in the hard work upfront.

It may take months before your list starts pumping out greenbacks.

But if this doesn’t put you off, and you’d love to focus on writing rather than client work, Ben Settle’s Ten-Minute Workday program may be the perfect business model for you.

You can find out more on Ben Settle’s Ten-Minute Workday program in this sales letter written by Paul Hollingshead, co-founder of AWAI. Paul earns more per year writing 50 page financial sales letters than most copywriters make in a decade. So if he thinks Ben’s email program is a smart career option, he’s worth listening to.

So if you’re interested in implementing Ben’s business model, checkout what Paul has to say.

It’s the one opportunity this week you don’t want to put up…

P.S. The links in this post are affiliate links, so I’ll earn commission if you sign up for Ben’s course. Yet I’ve followed Ben’s stuff for years. I know he’s legit. And considering his reputation and track record, I think Ben Settle’s Ten-Minute Workday program may be the best course out there on ‘clientless copywriting’ and growing profitable email lists.

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