A powerful yet underused emotional trigger

Want to know one of the most powerful emotions to trigger in your copy?

An emotion that makes us do crazy things…

Makes us wildly jealous…

And forces us to feel like we’re in constant competition with our friends, work colleagues, and the Jones’ next door? 


Envy is a super powerful emotion.

It’s envy that drives us to want more money, designer clothes, a flashier car and to fear missing out.

The best way to trigger envy?

Here are three ways to do it:

1) Talk about someone your reader would love to be like.. who has the perfect life and the social status your reader craves.

2) Describe your product’s benefits in vivid detail, and contrast them with the pain of missing out. 

3) Use social proof to show how your product is transforming people’s lives… and taking them from struggling to salvation.

4) Make your offer sound exclusive and limited to only specific types of people. Or was previously only available “by invitation only”.

No doubt about it, envy is a powerful emotion to target.

Try using it in the final stages of your promo to trigger your reader’s competitive urges…

And primal fear of missing out.


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