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Copywriting Miracle is now FREE!

Back in Dec I posted about Mark Pescettii’s Copywriting Miracle program… and why anyone interested in writing for supplements should jump on in while he was offering a limited time discount (or any market, for that matter). Well, that post

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3 Ways to Thrive During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Shock. Fear. Disbelief. Denial….  And now gradual acceptance. No doubt about it… the coronavirus outbreak has held us on one heck of a rollercoaster ride the last few weeks. And a ride we’re not getting off any time soon. We’re

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How the Evolution of Branding Has Made Us Self Absorbed, Unfulfilled and Craving Conflict

How are you coping out there?  I’m in Thailand and looking to book a flight out pronto. My visa expires in a week, Thai Airways aren’t answering the phone (I’ve tried literally evey number I could find) and there’s a

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Project Persuasion Spring Break

Marketing Events During Coronavirus be like…

It’s not every day you show up to a marketing event and the presenters walk on in hazmat suits (Thailand style).  But then this was no ordinary marketing event… This was Project Persuasion 4.0 – Marketing Gone Wild. Over 3

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We All Make Mistakes

After getting the smackdown from the FTC, seems like one of the copywriting scene’s biggest publishers is moving into safer ventures. But I’m not writing this to wag fingers. Who knows what happened at Agora HQ. Maybe an email got

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Ready for 2020? Here's a Great Resource for Upgrading Your Skills for $27

UPDATE – COPYWRITING MIRACLE IS NOW FREE. MAKE SURE YOU SIGNUP BEFORE MARK CHANGES HIS MIND: >>>Join Copywriting Miracle for FREE Got big plans for 2020? Me? I’ve signed up for Kim Krause Schwalm’s mentoring program to take my natural

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How to ‘Live a Wild Life’ When You’re an Introvert

Where should I go to live in January? Split? Tenerife? Or somewhere new? If you didn’t already know, I’ve been working remotely for 10 years (before ‘digital nomading’ was a thing). Am I telling you this to brag? Not intentionally.

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What the World’s Highest Paid TV Star Can Teach Copywriters About Persuasion

Can you guess who’s the world’s highest paid TV star of all time? No, it’s not Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. Nope, it’s not Dr. Phil. It’s not even Simon Cowell or Ellen DeGeneres (despite both banking a bumper $75

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How to Create Chatbot QUizzes for Generating Leads at Low Cost

How to Generate $1 Leads on Facebook with Chatbot Quizzes [FREE GUIDE]

Chatbots. Some marketers say they’re passing fad. Others…  ….who are using chatbot quizzes to generate HUGE lists of subscribers for pennies on the dollar… …know different. They know that chatbots can get:  Open rates of over 90% Clickthrough rates of

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The time I nearly got sued by a celebrity TV chef…

“They want £1,000 by the end of the day. Or they’ll SUE.”

That’s what my client yelled at me on the most uncomfortable phone call of my career.

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