Dopamine management

As writers we’re in the dopamine management business.

Our job is to find ways of triggering tiny releases of the “reward” hormone…

To keep people emotionally hooked to our words.

So what can you do to trigger a burst of dopamine?

Here are four ways:

  1. Open loops – Pose unanswered questions or share a paradoxical question.
  2. Big secrets – Build curiosity in a big secret you’re about to reveal that challenges the status quo and offers readers new hope. 
  3. Newness factor – Is a word we use a lot. But people still equate “new” with “better”. So find a way to make your solution sound new to draw readers in.
  4. Uniqueness – Build excitement in how your solution tackles the reader’s problem in a unique way, which was impossible until now.

Knowing how to trigger dopamine is vital for your copy’s success.

Because, in the wise words of John Carlton, “people are bored s%itless”.

So finding ways of adding a little excitement, a little thrill, to people’s days…

Is what will keep them engaged with your copy…

And not booting up Facebook or Instagram to chase a dopamine hit instead.

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