2 out of 5 UK marketers still struggle with content marketing. How to be one of the successful ones in 2015

UK marketers are getting better, but 42% still rate themselves as ineffective at content marketing. If they want to get better results next year, they’d do well to sit beside people who’ve been successfully creating cash from content for years. As we head into 2015, the content marketing revolution rolls on with gusto. Businesses on both sides […]

I’ve started doing Inbound Marketing, and this is why you should too

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] For years now, content marketers (myself included) have been banging their drum on how the old outbound tactics of email blasts, unmeasurable magazine ads and carpet bombing messages aren’t working anymore. Today’s buyer is too savvy. They’re not as clueless as they were 10 or 20 years ago. With so much information at their […]

How to Update Your PR Strategy to Stop Publishing into the Digital Vacuum But Instead Generate Real Results for Your Clients

PR used to be a lonely soul. It would perform tasks in isolation, diligently writing back slapping press releases to keep the boardroom happy. But times have changed. PR has since been brought in from the cold to work shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the marketing crew. Social media and modern content creation […]

What is the impact of Google Hummingbird on SEO Copywriting? Nothing we didn’t know already

It’s now been a few months since Google released its  Hummingbird update. While it affected a reported 90 percent of websites, in the main it’s been met with a sigh of relief. Those who’ve been following the rules of diligently posting quality articles feel vindicated, whereas those who’ve blindly chased keywords with thin content of […]

How to Protect the Copyright of Your Copywriting, and Get Juicy Backlinks on Autopilot

Content thieves. They’re everywhere these days. You could say the term ‘copy writing’ has never been more apt. It’s not just the copy sweatshops and unscrupulous business owners guilty of lifting other people’s content and claiming it as their own. Even professional journalists are at it. The Independent’s Johann Hari had to hand back his George Orwell […]

Google Hummingbird? Who cares! Develop an SEO copywriting strategy for clients that always works

Hold tight folks because Google has just released another update. Affectionately named Hummingbird, it’s got the SEO community all a flutter with confusion reigning on what SEO tactics Google is targeting this time. Early signs are that its websites packed with ‘long tail’ phrases and articles that answer specific questions that will get a boost. […]

Guest Post – Four Questions to Ask of Your Content Before You Hit Publish

What goals do you try to achieve with your content? Are you publishing with a strategy, or focused too much on keywords? In this guest post by Catherine Fyson from Koozai suggests four questions to ask before you hit publish. Incidentally, I’ve decided to ramp up my guest blogging activity. So if you’d like me to […]

How to Write a White Paper in Eight Simple Steps and Earn Up To $1000 Per Page

Do you offer white paper copywriting services? If not, allow me to try and convince you. We know that info marketing is all the rage these days, with inbound marketing the latest rebranding of what blogging is all about. As such, there’s lots of demand for copywriters that know how to write fact based long […]

Are you an SEO copywriter? Maybe you should change your title to content strategist

SEO is changing fast. No longer is it a mystery only the technically minded can understand. The rules are clear: create a well built website and fill it with content people want to read and share. When combined with a promotion strategy, traffic and higher rankings will naturally follow. This Spartan sounding approach to SEO […]

Turn Content into a Revenue Generator with Inbound Marketing

What’s your inbound marketing strategy? Don’t have one? Well, you’re not alone. Inbound marketing is one of those trendy concepts that generates a lot of marketing buzz but rarely gets done well. This is a shame because inbound marketing has the power to turn your content into a revenue generator and blog posts into fuel […]

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