2 out of 5 UK marketers still struggle with content marketing. How to be one of the successful ones in 2015

UK marketers are getting better, but 42% still rate themselves as ineffective at content marketing. If they want to get better results next year, they’d do well to sit beside people who’ve been successfully creating cash from content for years. As we head into 2015, the content marketing revolution rolls on with gusto. Businesses on both sides […]

How to Find SEO Copywriting Topics that Delights Readers and Search Engine Spiders Alike

It’s not just about keywords anymore. Smart marketers and SEO copywriters have known for some time that focusing on keywords alone is a fool’s errand. There’s just as much, if not more, traffic to be gained from social media if you create content around hot topics and key customer problems. But how can you identify […]

How to Protect the Copyright of Your Copywriting, and Get Juicy Backlinks on Autopilot

Content thieves. They’re everywhere these days. You could say the term ‘copy writing’ has never been more apt. It’s not just the copy sweatshops and unscrupulous business owners guilty of lifting other people’s content and claiming it as their own. Even professional journalists are at it. The Independent’s Johann Hari had to hand back his George Orwell […]

Are you an SEO copywriter? Maybe you should change your title to content strategist

SEO is changing fast. No longer is it a mystery only the technically minded can understand. The rules are clear: create a well built website and fill it with content people want to read and share. When combined with a promotion strategy, traffic and higher rankings will naturally follow. This Spartan sounding approach to SEO […]

Recovering from a visit from Panda and Penguin, and building ‘link building assets’ to ward them off in the future

Last year, I received an early Christmas gift from Google. Instead of a card or a PPC voucher, I got repeated ‘Google slaps’ that sent me tumbling down to the wastelands of page three. I’m not alone in experiencing such a bruising encounter. SEO forums are rife with distraught businesses that have seen their rankings […]

Should copywriters be offering SEO services next year? Google certainly thinks so

At this time of year it’s always good to reflect on what went well and what didn’t in 2012. A new year is around the corner, which means a new opportunity to learn from this year’s mistakes and to step forward in the right direction. For me, this means reflecting on the affiliate marketing campaign […]

Why Facebook’s popularity is great news for copywriters, and bad news for article writing sweatshops

When one door closes, another door opens. Long time readers will know that I’m not a fan of the $10 (or less) per keyword article copywriting gigs you find on freelance bidding websites, like Elance and Guru. I pity the copywriters that feel forced into these jobs, where they’re paid sweat shop wages to hammer […]

A Copywriting Principle that’s Becoming Vital for SEO

For a while now, I’ve been using this blog as a pulpit for preaching to anyone who’ll listen on the benefits of great content. Building traffic to your website is one thing. But you still have to consider what you’re going to do when visitors arrive. Are you merely going to offer them the same […]

What Copywriters Need to Know About the Changes in SEO

There was a time when I ranked on page one of Google for my trophy keyword (copywriter), but then thought it wise to change my domain name and lose my hard won ranking in the process. Despite implementing redirects, an assortment of WordPress plugins and anything else that might make Google happy, my website continues […]

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