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Before You Can Conquer The World You First Have To Secure Your Own Backyard

These are exciting times for small businesses. The rush is on to find the best way of using the web to propel your product to a larger audience and reach the global marketplace. But before you start dreaming of exotic

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Pay per click advertising – A Waste of Time and Money?

It would appear that after getting a slap on the wrist, following some expensive lawsuits, Google and Yahoo are now finally doing something to try and combat click fraud. Whether these efforts will have any success, or be pursued with

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Top ten SEO tips for getting into the top ten rankings in 51 days

  Many businesses pay thousands to SEO specialists to get their websites to the top of Google and Yahoo. The only alternative has been to use a quick fix of pay-per-click advertising or paid directory submissions. Both short term, expensive solutions.

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Search Engine Optimisation – Why do you need it and how do you achieve it?

For success in selling online you cannot rely merely on flashy graphics and amazing special offers. Web visibility is crucial so your customers can actually find you. Then you can start shouting about your two for one shoe sale or

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Search Engine Optimisation → More Clicks → More Sales

Shopping; it’s a pain isn’t it? You waste time sat in traffic. Fight to find an over charged parking space. Then trawl through the aisles just to buy a Shayne Ward CD and an electric toothbrush.  Perhaps that is why

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