Top ten SEO tips for getting into the top ten rankings in 51 days


Many businesses pay thousands to SEO specialists to get their websites to the top of Google and Yahoo. The only alternative has been to use a quick fix of pay-per-click advertising or paid directory submissions. Both short term, expensive solutions.

Bloggers, for some time now, have been trumpeting the ‘organic’ SEO value of blogging and how it can maximise your online visibility. I am pleased to announce that The Write Words is now about to do the same following my steady progress up the search engine charts.

I started blogging 06/06/06 (51 days ago) and I now occupy rankings for the following search terms:

Yahoo UK & IE                                                  

Copywriting Oxford  =  2
Copywriting Milton Keynes  =  6
Blogging Oxford  =  8
Blogging Milton Keynes  =  1
Blogging copywriting  =  4

Google (UK sites)

Blogging copywriting Oxford  =  1
Blogging copywriting Milton Keynes  =  3
Blogging copywriting SEO  =  1
Business blogging SEO  =  1

These positions were achieved in 51 days simply by posting articles of 500 words each week on relevant topics.
Google and Yahoo’s biggest asset is their search function. If they aren’t providing the most relevant, up-to-date information of value then web users will simply move onto their competitors. This is why my website has managed to achieve the rankings it has by satisfying the demand for regularly updated, relevant content.

If you start blogging about your business then you will be able to achieve the same online visibility, whilst also marketing your business and building trust and confidence with potential customers.

Here are my top ten SEO tips for getting your website into the top ten charts:

  1. Include relevant keywords in first paragraph and title of your homepage.
  2. Use sound HTML coding practices. Your title tag should say what it is you do first and your company name after. Use keyword metatags but don’t go overboard, they might have lost their value but it won’t hurt to use them. Ensure you use different tags for each page.
  3. Design your site to maximise its accessibility to the SE spiders i.e. avoid a big flash introduction or reliance on graphics. Spiders read words not pictures.
  4. Submit to key search directories.
  5. Use tracking function of your web hosting to monitor page views and click through rates – how could you alter the layout or structure to improve your figures?
  6. Don’t use PPC or paid directories. They are not viable long-term strategies due to costs which can get out of control. Getting sustained traffic is a marathon not a sprint.
  7. Use for free press release distribution. One mention in your industries press can equate to thousands spent in conventional advertising.
  8. Start a blog! Writing 500 words each week will organically optimise your website for the search engines. Writing articles that are valuable, useful and full of keywords will attract readers and search engine spiders.
  9. Submit your blog to as many blog directories as possible. This will create links all over the web and maximise your visibility.
  10. Read other blogs and provide informed comments. This will not only increase your own knowledge and awareness of whats going on but will also build back-links to your site.

Follow these simple steps and watch your traffic grow. My website visits have gone from around 10 hits a day to nearly 150 unique visitors. As awareness of business blogging in the UK grows so will my traffic as more people start searching for information. More targeted visitors means more opportunities to develop the sales process.

Now where did I see that link for Adsense?

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  4. Matt, Thanks for making the change.

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