Dell finally start blogging about their business

In one of my previous posts I mentioned how Dell computers’ reputation was dented by bloggers criticising them for their poor customer service record. Dell have now taken their heads out of the sand and started talking to their customers.

Dell’s One2one blog provides them with a forum for responding to comments, and to hopefully provide an insight into the people and processes that makes the computer giant tick. They have realised that the spread of blogs and discussion forums on the web means that if they don’t provide a public forum for interaction then the conversation will simply carry on without them and without an opportunity for them to defend themselves.

The first few posts show how Dell now seem to understand and have embraced the new philosophy of marketing online being a two way conversation. If they’re clever, they will also realise how they can use the blog as a PR tool for showing their dedication to resolving customers’ problems and their passion for what they do. 

I’m sure they will receive plenty of advice to help them along the way.   


4 thoughts on “Dell finally start blogging about their business

  1. Matt, when I reviewed Dell’s new one2one blog recently, I gave it a 4 out of 10 – mediocre at best. Now I’d update that rating to a 5. The posts continue to come almost every day, and the blog is slowly opening up and becoming more conversational. We’re even starting to see more apologies for Dell’s screwups and explanations of policies and procedures that vex the public.

    Definitely a corporate blog to keep an eye on.

  2. Dell are certainly under the microscope at the moment to see how they use their blog. They are coming under fire from quite a few high profile critics so hopefully they will listen to what is said and use it to help develop their blog as a model example to other corps in engaging with their customers.

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