15 Punchy Copywriting Tips

  “They were easier to read than ignore” – Victor Schwab If you’re looking for punchy copywriting tips, you’ve landed in the right place. It’s often said that copywriting can’t be too long, just too boring. And let’s face it, marketing and advertising is only tolerated at the best of times. So if your copy […]

Lost in Google’s sandbox? Here’s how to find your way out

[Photo courtesy Hamed Saber] Since moving to my new domain in March I’ve been stripped of my glorious Google page one rankings for my key terms (copywriter, copywriting etc), and left groveling with a begging bowl in the dank, dark depths of its search listings. Whilst a brief fall from grace was expected, I’d hoped […]

Why Copywriting is the most important SEO skill, and how I proved it

There was a time when the role of the copywriter was to just write the website’s main service pages, with the requisite keywords craftily sewn into the copy. It was the developer’s responsibility to apply their HTML wizardry to trick the search engines into pushing the website onto people’s screens. However, as Google’s algorithms have […]

Why Businesses Aren’t Blogging

I am a business blogging evangelist. There I’ve said it. I think businesses should be selling their services through education and building trust with information of value. What better way of achieving this than with a relevant and regularly updated blog? Sometimes I wonder whether I do get carried along with the whole web 2.0 […]

“Google is not a search engine. It’s a reputation management system”

The relationship between copywriting and search marketing has never been closer; I now find myself covering the same stories as eminent SEM pros Lee Odden and Andy Beal. All three of us have recently covered issues highlighted in a Wired article about ‘The See-Through CEO’, a story about how being transparent can enhance your image, […]

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