How to Protect the Copyright of Your Copywriting, and Get Juicy Backlinks on Autopilot

protect the copyright of your copywriting

Content thieves. They’re everywhere these days. You could say the term ‘copy writing’ has never been more apt.

It’s not just the copy sweatshops and unscrupulous business owners guilty of lifting other people’s content and claiming it as their own. Even professional journalists are at it. The Independent’s Johann Hari had to hand back his George Orwell prize after being rumbled for a relaxed attitude towards attribution.

It’s sad to say it, but we live in an era where the task of writing is being replaced with that of copy and pasting. In fact, it’s estimated that as much as 82 percent of the content shared online is done with a swift CTRL+C.

Thankfully, there’s now a way to get recognition and a backlink whenever your content is replicated elsewhere.

Keep tabs on your content and get more traffic at the same time 

Tynt is a free service for tracking where your content goes. Once installed on your site, it inserts a URL back to the original post whenever your content is pasted online. So along with proper attribution, you get a juicy backlink for your efforts.

Tynt will also track the number of times your content is copied, how many backlinks have been created and how much traffic you get as a result. What’s more, you can see which words are being copied, which in many cases indicates subjects which your readers need more information on. This can provide you with great ideas for future blog topics which answer your readers’ questions and help to remove speed bumps in the way of a sale. And following Google’s new Humming Bird update, packing your website with content that answers popular questions is a great way to boost traffic.

To summarize, installing Tynt offers the following benefits:

  • SEO – More backlinks means higher rankings
  • Traffic – More links also means more ways for people to find you
  • Social media marketing – Raise your social media presence by having your name appear next to your valuable info
  • Insights – Find out what topics your readers want more information on
  • Brand credibility – Get proper recognition for your valuable contributions to the internet

Did I mention it’s free? All you need to do is paste in some code in your header to keep track of where your content goes when it leaves your site.

More than 1000 publishers now use Tynt, including the Financial Times, Men’s Health and Fox News. So if you want to ensure you get rewarded for your well researched blogs and articles, get your content tagged with Tynt and start gaining juicy backlinks on autopilot.


6 thoughts on “How to Protect the Copyright of Your Copywriting, and Get Juicy Backlinks on Autopilot

  1. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the post; just to share my little experience.
    My first blog died as a result of content scrapers and auto syndication ( rss feeds) e.t.c., of which Google considered it as duplicate content. I had to utterly abandon the blog and the domain name.

    With this lesson, I just launched a new blog, hosted on synthesis and using genesis theme.

    What you have posted will surely help a lot of genuine bloggers and online publishers.


  2. Solution is always one,always use relevant content and that content must be original and beneficial for users.

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