Why Copywriting is the most important SEO skill, and how I proved it

There was a time when the role of the copywriter was to just write the website’s main service pages, with the requisite keywords craftily sewn into the copy. It was the developer’s responsibility to apply their HTML wizardry to trick the search engines into pushing the website onto people’s screens. However, as Google’s algorithms have […]

Why Businesses Aren’t Blogging

I am a business blogging evangelist. There I’ve said it. I think businesses should be selling their services through education and building trust with information of value. What better way of achieving this than with a relevant and regularly updated blog? Sometimes I wonder whether I do get carried along with the whole web 2.0 […]

“Google is not a search engine. It’s a reputation management system”

The relationship between copywriting and search marketing has never been closer; I now find myself covering the same stories as eminent SEM pros Lee Odden and Andy Beal. All three of us have recently covered issues highlighted in a Wired article about ‘The See-Through CEO’, a story about how being transparent can enhance your image, […]

Get Your Pens Ready for the Explosion in Online PR

The web copywriter’s market is evolving so fast that rarely a week passes without new opportunities appearing on the horizon. The requirements of business websites are developing all the time. Static brochure style sites are dated, portals of news and information is what’s needed. It would appear that web marketers are now responding to the […]

World’s biggest advertiser announces, “It’s not about telling and selling…It’s about engaging.”

I often harp about how, in this age of 24/7 ‘pull’ access to information, businesses need to be providing a steady stream of articles to capture prospects and turn them into customers. The internet is about information, not blatant advertising. By harnessing your news, and the power of RSS, it’s never been easier to develop […]

PR and Blogging in the Digital Age

The internet has created a global marketplace, not only for goods and services but also for thoughts and opinions. Businesses, both large and small, are becoming increasingly concerned by the proliferation of comments which can influence buying decisions. Recent research suggests that PR agencies are aware that they need to engage this online chatter, but […]

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