Latest research illustrates the continuing growth of blogs as marketing tools

It’s always satisfying when independent studies collaborate what you have been writing about for the last few months. Internet marketers have been preaching the value of blogs as marketing tools for some time; now the research figures are surfacing to support those claims. A report by ‘Ipsos Mori’ has suggested that average Euro Joe has […]

Searching for the ROI of Engagement Marketing

Ad:tech is in full swing in New York and ‘engagement marketing’ has been the buzz term on everybody’s lips. Marketers everywhere are getting excited about leveraging the increased time people are spending online, to keep eyeballs glued to their sites and interacting with their brands. This revolves around the intrinsic belief that the more time […]

Spin is Dead. Long Live the Political Blog and Cue David ‘One Take’ Cameron

“I think it’s called the internet, isn’t it, or blogs or something. I’ve only just got used to letters…I haven’t got into all this new technology.” – John Prescott, 6th July 2006. It was admitted earlier this year that Tony Blair struggled to use a word processor, whilst his head of communications, Alistair Campbell, had […]

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