The challenge facing the traditional media

The Guardian has reported that by the end of the year Internet advertising will overtake traditional newspapers with a 13.3% share of the £12.2 bn spent on UK advertising. With ITV’s ad revenue also falling below £100 mill, in a year on year decline of 11%, traditional media organisations are having to reassess their position […]

Dell finally start blogging about their business

In one of my previous posts I mentioned how Dell computers’ reputation was dented by bloggers criticising them for their poor customer service record. Dell have now taken their heads out of the sand and started talking to their customers. Dell’s One2one blog provides them with a forum for responding to comments, and to hopefully provide […]

What can we learn from John Prescott?

    The current furore over the role of bloggers in the attacks on John Prescott has shown the growing impact of blogging in the UK. The response by journalists, such as BBC’s Nick Robinson, has also highlighted the contention and misconception between the established order and the new social media. Some journalists perhaps view […]

Blogging as the new press release

Traditional marketers are already struggling, particularly in the UK, to adapt to the changes in how you sell your business online. They grew up using clever phrases and spin to sell products and services. Providing transparent information of value seems to contradict everything they stand for. The next change they need to get their heads […]

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