Email continues to trample all over social media as a sales tool and pitching your email copywriting services to clients

Being the savvy readers that you are, I know you’re well aware that email continues to be a marketing workhorse. Time and again, studies show that it generates a higher ROI than most other channels, particularly now that email readership is rocketing on smartphones. Over the last few years, however, email has become the forgotten […]

Email readership on smartphones is rocketing. But the biggest implication isn’t for email

Email is enjoying a resurgence. Despite being often maligned and left to gather dust, as marketers play with their shiny new social media toys, email continues to generate responses and sales. Social media ‘gurus’ might tell you that nobody reads stale old emails anymore, but the figures tell a different story. Readership of email on […]

How to Write Email Subject Lines that Get Your Emails Opened and Devoured

Writing subject lines for email campaigns can be tricky. Their impact can decide whether your emails are ripped open and every word devoured, or dumped nonchalantly in the junk pile. At this time of year there’s even more noise than usual in people’s inboxes. And so your subject line has to be able to demand attention if […]

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