Email continues to trample all over social media as a sales tool and pitching your email copywriting services to clients

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Being the savvy readers that you are, I know you’re well aware that email continues to be a marketing workhorse. Time and again, studies show that it generates a higher ROI than most other channels, particularly now that email readership is rocketing on smartphones.

Over the last few years, however, email has become the forgotten toy, left abandoned and unloved while marketers play gleefully with their shiny new social media gadgets. They tell businesses that social media is the future and that email is dead. But copywriters that test what actually works know different.

Proof of the power of email has received another boost following a study by marketing data wizards Custaro. In an analysis of the buying behavior of 72 million customers on 86 e-commerce sites, Custaro found that over the last four years online retailers have quadrupled the number of customers generated by email to 7 percent, while those buying as a result of a Tweet or Like barely register. This stat is even more impressive when you consider that email generates nearly half the number of new customers as organic SEO (15.8 percent), which often gets a king’s ransom in funding.

To add further fuel to the bonfire of social media’s selling credentials, the lifetime value of a customer was found to be 12 percent for email and just 1 percent for Facebook, while Twitter never made the finish line with a -24 percent lifetime value.

So the figures are clear: whilst social media is great for cuddly notions of entertainment, inspiration and, yes, relationship building, when it comes to the business of making money email outpulls it time and again. This is something your copywriting clients need to know.

Promote your email copywriting service to clients

That’s right readers, as per usual I’m using these latest stats as an excuse for copywriters to give themselves an ‘added value’ boost. Businesses need to know about the sales power of email, and who better than their local copywriter to provide them with an email marketing strategy and the content to drive it.

Inform your clients that email continues to a quantifiable revenue generator while social media’s ROI remains as elusive as asylum for a CIA whistleblower. Tell them the importance of keeping messages brief. If a longer pitch is needed then the email simply states the problem, builds intrigue and acts as the trigger for visiting their website to find out more.

Make sure clients understand that optimizing emails for mobiles is no longer optional, along with the landing page they link to. Tell them that pitching products is fine but remember to mix in useful product tips, news and other tidbit of valuable information that will keep recipients plugged into the email marketing machine.

And lastly, tell them about your email copywriting package, and that you can look after the entire process from writing an appealing and persuasive auto-responder series through to reporting on the clicks and sales generated at the other end.

Social media is a great channel for engagement, spreading messages virally and for getting to know your customers. But when it comes to spending money on marketing with the aim of boosting revenue, email continues to be the ever reliable and relentless workhorse of internet marketing.

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