47 Elite Email Marketing Tips – Strategies to Earn $44 for Every $1 Spent

Forget the mobile and social media hype. Email is the sales powerhouse to focus your efforts on.

For every $1 spent $44.25 is the average return. With such a massive ROI, email marketing is the best way to convert leads and increase profits. It’s no wonder, 67% of marketers say that email is key for attracting and engaging prospects, and the best path to increasing marketing ROI.

But if you want to succeed, you can’t just blast out emails and expect results. You need a strategy.

Too many businesses use email in a haphazard fashion, with no clear idea on what to write, who to and how to get people responding. Even worse, most don’t collect email addresses at all. For this reason, they are losing money every single day from not having a smart, automated way of following up on leads, engaging with previous customers and promoting the benefits of their product.

The lack of an email marketing strategy means that, according to Adestra, only an elite 25% of marketers get ‘excellent’ results from email. With the right tactics, you can join them.

The 47 email marketing strategies in this report will help you to:

  • Grow your list intelligently
  • Enhance deliverability
  • Write magnetic subject lines that draw in readers
  • Create motivating email series that inform, seduce and convince
  • Harness classic copywriting techniques to eliminate objections and trigger action
  • Best practices for selling with lead magnets, trip wires and profit maximizers
  • E-commerce tricks to increase the lifetime value of every customer

This is just for starters.

In fact, my report gives you all the parts you need to build your own email marketing powerhouse and to make bigger profits from the simple act of regularly contacting your customers.

I’ve given you the blueprint. Now use it to make money for your business.

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