Homer Simpson, Donald Trump and Marketers Rattling Cages


To the uninformed, The Simpsons is a kids’ cartoon.

To those that know better, it’s been one of the best satirical programmes for decades, shining a mirthy light on what’s ridiculous or plain wrong with modern society.

In one episode Homer successfully runs for Sanitation Manager. He do so while ‘rattling cages’, bucking the trend and bringing straight talk to the cosy world of sanitation politics.

He wasn’t afraid to break some eggs or to prickle some egos. Nor was he about to apologize for doing so.

Oh, how the Simpsons’ writing team must chuckle watching Donald Trump’s megalomaniac like march in the polls.

While the wheels seem close to falling off (only to be abrasively hammered back in again), his refusal to tow the line has struck a cord with disenfranchised voters. It’s clear there are millions of people fed up of hearing political sound bites with no substance (not that I’m advocating any of his views).

What cages can you rattle?

Perhaps there is something marketers can learn from Homer and Mr Trump’s success?

With more content being posted and Tweeted about than ever before, audiences are overloaded with stuff to read. They have no time for mediocre.

If you’re not getting much traction or any bounce in the metrics, perhaps it’s time to consider what topics you can stamp your feet about and unleash some brimstone.

What topics can you take a stand on? What forth wall can you smash through, where others fear to knock?

Take a stand. Don’t just be a voice in the crowd

Like politics, people are tired of reading blog posts, articles and white papers which are just a rehash of other opinions and wishy washy in offering actionable conclusions.

Give them something to get excited about.

Take a leaf from Homer (if not Donald’s) book, and think what cages you can rattle that will get your audience’s attention and rushing to pledge their support.

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