Turn Content into a Revenue Generator with Inbound Marketing

What’s your inbound marketing strategy? Don’t have one? Well, you’re not alone. Inbound marketing is one of those trendy concepts that generates a lot of marketing buzz but rarely gets done well. This is a shame because inbound marketing has the power to turn your content into a revenue generator and blog posts into fuel […]

Why You Should Redefine Your Services to Attract More Clients (and Better Pay)

[This week’s post is a familiar theme for regular Crucible readers. But as I seem to have attracted a few new subscribers in the last couple of weeks I thought I’d show them what The Copywriter’s Crucible is all about] With summer behind us it’s time to pack away the sun lounger and get down […]

A Copywriting Principle that’s Becoming Vital for SEO

For a while now, I’ve been using this blog as a pulpit for preaching to anyone who’ll listen on the benefits of great content. Building traffic to your website is one thing. But you still have to consider what you’re going to do when visitors arrive. Are you merely going to offer them the same […]

What Copywriters Need to Know About the Changes in SEO

There was a time when I ranked on page one of Google for my trophy keyword (copywriter), but then thought it wise to change my domain name and lose my hard won ranking in the process. Despite implementing redirects, an assortment of WordPress plugins and anything else that might make Google happy, my website continues […]

Should Your Website’s Copywriting be Informative or Persuasive?

“For six months I read all the car ads in search of information. All I found was fatuous slogans and flatulent generalities…If their engineering was as incompetent as their advertising, their cars would not run ten miles without a breakdown.” – David Ogilvy With magazines and TV struggling to cope with haemorrhaging ad revenue (and […]

Why Customer Service is the New Marketing

[image courtesy of ansik] Whether it’s in customer reviews, blogs or forums, people are talking about products and influencing buying decisions. Blaring out sales messages merely antagonises skeptical prospects, who place their trust in the objective advice of their peers. Research is showing that the ROI of traditional marketing methods is falling, whilst customer interaction […]

Guest appearance at Freelance Writing Jobs

This week I’ve guest posted over at Freelance Writing Jobs – The Internet’s #1 Freelance Writer Jobs Board. The topic won’t be new to regular Crucible readers, but I thought FWJ’s subscribers would appreciate a nudge towards promoting themselves as ‘added value writers’, educating their clients on content marketing and then demanding more money. FWJ’s […]

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