Guest appearance at Freelance Writing Jobs

This week I’ve guest posted over at Freelance Writing Jobs – The Internet’s #1 Freelance Writer Jobs Board.

The topic won’t be new to regular Crucible readers, but I thought FWJ’s subscribers would appreciate a nudge towards promoting themselves as ‘added value writers’, educating their clients on content marketing and then demanding more money.

FWJ’s Deb Ng has linked regularly to The Copywriter’s Crucible, so I thought I’d return the gesture.

5 thoughts on “Guest appearance at Freelance Writing Jobs

  1. Hi Matt
    I did enjoy your post over at FWJ. I came here to see your site and to say thank you for your comment. on my blog.

  2. Thanks Jenny, glad you liked it.

  3. I too found your site via Freelance Writing Jobs. I’ve poked around and have to say that you have some solid information here. I’ll definitely be hanging around to get through all of it.

    We’re always looking for ways to promote the kind of professional freelance writing we do at ArcticLlama and I think some of these tips will definitely help.

  4. best of the best it is,

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