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Video Copywriting Tips

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Have you created a video about your business yet? If not you might want to, because the video revolution is here.

A recent Comscore Video Metric report found that last May 84.5 percent of the US internet audience watched online video. On average, they consumed nearly 22 hours of video each (up from 16 hours last year), which is the equivilant of 12 movies. As we shift to using the web on mobile devices then these figures will rocket, with tablets expected to account for half of all internet traffic by 2015.

Creating a video to promote your business needn’t be as challenging as it sounds. Yes, there are some very professional video marketing campaigns out there (e.g. Blendtec’s ‘Will it Blend?’ series), but it can be as simple as a slideshow or just filming yourself on your laptop’s camera.

What to create a video about?

The only time your video should be overtly promotional is on your website’s landing page. A brief video explaining or highlighting your services can be an effective way of engaging visitors  that don’t want to read a page of text.

Other than that,  you should focus on answering questions.

YouTube is flooded with solopreneurs offering tips, reviewing products or discussing the latest industry trends. What they all have in common is they focus on the viewer first before dropping in a brief plug.

Tips on creating a marketing video

If you’re not comfortable in front of a camera, it can help to write a script beforehand. Writing a video script should be similar to the way you’d write a sales letter:

1) Start by introducing the problem

2) Explain how you can relate to the problem or have experienced it yourself to build empathy and trust

3) Explain your solution, with the focus on benefits rather than features

4) Close with a call to action telling the viewer exactly what to do next to gain the benefits you’ve stated

Remember, your video should replicate a face to face conversation. So write the way you talk and imagine the prospect is sat across the table. It’s also a good idea to keep your video clear and to the point, clocking in at 3-5 minutes or less.

Once it’s ‘in the can’, you can edit your video with subtitles or images using Windows Live Movie Maker (I expect there’s something similar on Mac). Another option is to record a slideshow and then hire a voice over actor to read your script e.g.

Videos are great for SEO. So once it’s ready, share it with the world on sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe and Dailymotion to draw traffic and customers to your website.


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